Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey Family!! good to hear from you guys again! im just at the laundromat now on their computers drinking a whole jug of chocolate milk. Con bro you and koal look like your on steroids uce, looking 3 mean dang!! happy for you bro. Lia good to hear you enjoying yourself girl. Your a good girl lia, never letting you get married ok. Ash bro in first nephi bro? mean gee. Thats crack up bro. Thats good you applying your readings to yourself bro, mean g. Con you plastic maori bro hahaha na sounds mean as bro! all I know is "Shot on the harakeke bei" haha. you all sound good though ay which is always a blessing for me to hear. My week was fulfilling again. Our investigators didnt show up to church yesterday the mungrills but we went over to their house after and taught them a mean lesson on the restoration and made things clear to them. We are working our butts off even in the cold and and are seeing a lot of progress. I feel a huge motivation to serve the lord full heart-ed every day. I feel peace every night when I lay down regardless of the results knowing that I did all i could with every moment I had to open my mouth and declare the gospel. I love my Savior and cant imagine how eager he is to help us. The very thought of his suffering always bottles me with how much he knows our circumstances, and how understanding and patient he is with helping us to reach our highest possible potential in this life. Im loving my mission and most of all the guidance I have received by the spirit. Its been my biggest blessing. I dont have much family just plugging away and working to bring a family into the church! Have another good week family. I am grateful for you all!
p.s grams I got your box with all the grinds. Thank you so much grams. love you!

Elder kanahele

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