Monday, January 27, 2014

Kia ora family! I love you guys. The family sounds so busy ay!! 3 mean you guys. Iv the way the youth is taught now days sounds so much more advanced than how it was for me and conway. where we just play hangman and eat candy lol. Lia and ash you guys sound so spiritual and Im so proud of you guys ay. Mum and Dad 25 years???? oiy shole old futs lidat! Im so happy for you two ay. You have been the best parents, friends and examples all in one.
I had such a good week. I have been so blessed to not get sick and to be in good health when there are so many who haven't. The work is progressing so quickly here and I have had some amazing experiences coupled with miracles. I feel I have been more happy now in my mission than I ever have been. We found and taught a family of 6 this week. They are from Africa. We were out working in the middle of a snow fall and this family feeling sorry for us let us right in their home. Their religion is they believe that all religions have truth and that Gods will is to bring all these churches together. It was a miracles to teach them the Restoration and read with them scriptures. I felt an automatic love for them and could feel the spirit touching their open hearts. The lord really does prepare his children to receive his word(Alma 13:24). It seemed that this message is what this family has been looking for their whole lives and I felt so much peace knowing that I was out in the right place and time to run into this family who was ready.
     I love my mission. I am still learning so much everyday and trying to become a person and leader like Jesus. Its so motivating for me to know how perfect Jesus is and though we grow so much day by day we always have room to improve, learn and grow to become more like him. it is a process that is continuous for the rest of our lives and I love it. My time is coming close and the need I feel to leave my all to the lord increases. I cant stop. Last P-day I had the opportunity to take a nap and I couldn’t. There is no time for that. I am most happy now because I have never felt so focused in doing the lords will than I ever have. I am much happier now then before. Not that I wasn’t focused or happy before but my point being that conversion will happen and happiness will occur and increase till the day we are finally prepared to live with our father in heaven again. I love you family. Keep moving and improving, I look foward to seeing you all again.

Elder kanahele kaka

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