Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kia ora you falas!!!
     Sweet letters!! everyone sounds busy as heck! So cool that you guys have been so involved in the community and doing so much service etc. How did you like wrestling this year Lia? you probably glad its pau ya? Can grind all the food you want after. Proud of you Lia for being such a good girl. Keep it up.
     Ash bro sole 5 proms uce??? oiy shole! crazy bro all the girls like grind you ah? crazy bro, good on you ash bro hows your body looking bro? still lifting and gaining weight bro? Proud of you too ash, you have grown up so much bro, you just a loveable guy bro, a tool that’s gonna come in handy for you on your mission.
     Mum I got a permit ID, that should be good yea? Its got all the same info that a regular Drivers License but it just says Permit on it. I'm gonna schedule another drivers test and see if I can do this again. Question, you guys got a GPS that we gonna use? cuz my one is broken.
     Anyways you guys I had a good week. Its gone by way too fast. Still working with my African family. They didnt make it to church yesterday. Gonna keep working with them this week to get them to church. A lot of people have a hard time coming to church in the winters because its so cold so we gotta have some powerful lessons with them so that their motivations gets them over that hump. Church is like the steroid for investigators. Every time an investigator comes to church they take huge strides in their progression towards true conversion. So many of the commandments we ask them to live are all kept there and so when they come they are blessed so much. I don't have much to say this week family just plugging along. Gonna do more to get our peeps closer to personal conversion.  I love you guys and look foward to seeing you again. Thanks for your prayers, I'm going hard for us here in Wisconsin. These people need the gospel! Have a good week you guys, see you all soon ah!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

PS-Please tell Vick I just got his letter in the mail. the mission office forwarded it to the wrong address. i will reply to his class next week! also tell the McDonalds I said hi. they were so good to me you guys!! 

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