Friday, February 14, 2014

Kia ora family!! fa good to hear from you falas ay!
Flash-Back - Da man!
Lia you crack up! you havent had a wrestling match in a while ya?? lol you gonna wrestle at states? send me some pics of you in your gears!
Ash bro thats awesome bout your eagle bro, mean accomplishment bro, thats carck up bout uncle harold bro. Hes two mills wit that stuff ah. sole so you gonna be doing 5 proms than or what? you like me come wit you sole when I get back? lol crack up g!
So awesome to hear about Nainoa and Liliu!! mean you guys. So proud of yu guys and the missionary work you are doing! keep it up.
well family another week come and gone man! just crazy how fast the weeks go ay. Had a crazy week out finding again. Its a constant thing ay. We find so many people every week but we lose them almost as fast as we find them lol. Its a continuous cycle. We been working hard to get our african family moving foward. They were sick this week so we didnt get to teach them. Other than that we just been doing a lot of finding. Its freezing today! We are so lucky to have a car in this area. We drive past other missionaries in our zone all the time and give them rides. Its just crazy with the wind. It gets you to the bones ay. Family my time is getting close ay, excited to reunite again. Help me finish strong. Im trying to work harder than I ever have and love more than Iv ever loved. Its a constant battle. I am so imperfect and have a lot of weaknesses and my mission has taught me a lot about how much labor their is to perform in our probation here on earth. We are never just alguds ay. We will be learning progressing and growing till the day we die. I love you guys and am so grateful to you for sticking with me from start to end. Im on my second wind you falas!! no more talking ay just gotta get it done!! Miracles this week family!! cheehooooo!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka
p.s mum and dad dont spend too much money on warm gears ok. Just use the layers you guys already have and just get one good jacket. theres some good places over here. probli better if you just wait till you get here ay?. no need boots or anything like that. it'll only be in the 30's when you come and its not that bad when you arent really outside that much, just walking from the car to a building. Dad I got a few nice jackets for you bro. Sweet if you guys have any questions bout the cold let me know. Dont want you falas to get sick ay soft falas! different ballgame over here ay!!

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