Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meagans Wedding - So pretty!

Kia ora you falas!! so crack up reading your letters today. Lia girl. second??? dang thats so cool Lia!!! so proud of you girl. Your body must be all hard right now yeah? you get pains ah?? ah come on girl you was raised wit 3 boys, you get em ah, keep going hard Lia, dont back down girl. Ash bro hahah crack up dog bout your prom crap. I remember doing crap like that and getting caught bro. alguds bro do what you gotta do bro, your the man dog no one can touch you. Hows your senior year bro?? you enjoying it bro? hows rugby? hows your body looking bro, send me a pick bro. My body’s looking pretty descent. Hope your ready to try and take me on bro, im coming full force dog. Con bro how you doing brada?? still surfing so'o ah? lol crack up bro. Lion king??? what did you have to do bro? hows your body going bro? Mum you must be happy as to be finishing with school. Good luck with all your assignments. You’ve come so far mum and still remember when we lived down by Sam store when you were in school and waitress down and hukilau cafe  slogging your guts. You’ve been in it head strong the whole time and its paid off yeah? grown so much. Your a awesome example to us all mum. And still able to look beautiful, be a mum, wife and still able to go down and surf at the beach. You get em ah mum. Dad bro I Got a nice grey jacket, a black one and also a heavy duty one. Dont spend too much money yeah you guys. That guy Brian is all shirt ow. The weather should be all gee. As long as you have some layers when you come, and you can use one of my jackets. its not like were gonna be out tracting all day. well be in doors ay. you trying to be handsome ay dad?? haha crack up bro, always gotta look prime ay bro. If that’s the case don’t let me stop you bro, do your thing ay. I can get you a good jacket mum that you can use as well from one of the members. just let me know ay, easy!!
     Anyways you falas I had a mean week. Had the best Sunday this week. We had heaps of investigators come to church and heaps of less-actives, one who hadent come for the past 20 plus years. It was such a good feeling to have so many lost sheep at church. This is the best ward that Iv ever been in. There were members at the doors greeting, hugging and making these people feel at home. Our bishop stood up towards the end of the meeting and bore his testimony specifically to these people welcoming them and promising them blessings God would give the m for being their. I know he followed the spirit  because I know these people he was talking towards and I know their struggles and a lot about their hardships and he said things that highlighted something in everyone of their lives, it was so cool. One of these less-actives we have been teaching since we came into this area. We cut his long hair, got him cleaned up and shaven, got him a white shirt and tie, some perfumes and just made him look good. He finally turned up yesterday  for the first time in 6 years and we couldn’t even recognize him. I felt the spirit just looking at him and how much more presentable and happy he looked. I realized how much worth he had and how all he needed was a little love and it made a huge difference. The scripture  In Matthew 25:40 says "...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have adone it unto one of the bleast of these my cbrethren, ye have done it unto me."

 Im so grateful that God see's the person that I can be. Jesus Christ treated all his followers this way. Not as they were but he treated them and saw more their potential and who they could become. Because of his perfect love and leadership they were able to live up to that person that he saw in them. Kind of like Mahana in Johny Lingo ay. She really was a beautiful women from the start but she wasnt treated that way. She was convinced she was ugly and lived up to that standard alone. It really bottled the people when Johnny Lingo a very wealthy man was willing to pay 8 cows in exchange for Mahana. He treated her like she was the most prized possession. It was then that she realized her worth and potential. The end of the movie shows her transformation. I saw this in Anthony, yesterday and it was one of the happiest times of my mission.
I love you family, still enduring. Its time to finish everything off strong. Thank you!
elder kanahele kaka

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