Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kia ora family!! Lia so proud of you girl. Your in a battle right not yeah? in pain and pushing your body beyond its limits. Here is where your most growth comes girl. You'll be surprised how far you can go when you have a strong mind yah? Im so proud of you Lia, wish I could have been there to yell for and at you lol. Ice your body up, massage it and take some protein if possible to heal as much of it as you can. I remember getting stingers a lot. I had to wrap my shoulders when I wrestled. I took pain killers before i wrestled so that I could alleviate as much of the pain as possible. Don't show any pain when you wrestle Lia. Trick there mind yeah. Half the battle will be in the mind cuz when your tired and have no energy, its your mind that takes the body past its limits. Good luck this next week Lia!!
     Mum thanks for your little Hawaiian spill. I felt so proud to be apart of this culture just hearing your experience and passion for the Hawaiian people. Its a lovely culture and Iv grown to appreciate it so much having been out here amongst so different of a culture. The Aloha spirit is so apparent there like its night and day. So proud of you mum, you have been so successful but also enduring and positive. I admire that about you mum. Im bad when it comes to being positive while enduring. Its my patience ay lol.
     Well family another week come and gone and time is moving faster than ever its all a new experience trying to finish everything off, mixed emotions. I’m ready to move on when my time and efforts are done here, to move on to the next phase of life. I do however need to finish my time, all of it to the last day and second serving with all of my heart might mind and strength just like the scriptures teach. We teach the doctrine of Christ daily as our centre piece of our missionary work, principles that were brought back in full by the restoration of the one original gospel as it really was and also the priesthood. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and "enduring to the end". It is like an upward spiral that never ends, a continuous process that we repeat over and over that binds us to God only on conditions of our enduring. I think how different the atonement would be had Jesus given up or stopped before the end. An incomplete mission. It would have changed everything. I am in my last days here on the mission and really trying to live this principle and make everything count. I have enjoyed the journey but want to finish at the top of the mountain where I can see the view, and feel good about the hard steps it was to get up, not at the bottom. Of course there will be more mountains to climb. I am feeling the pressure ay lol its scary. As I once believed and still do now "just gotta harden up" lol a good philosophy I say.
   Sorry to explain da life. My week was mean though! its supposed to be -16 on Wednesday without the windchill’s haha I thought it was supposed to be warming up too. Oh well. I went and took my drivers test again today in another city and just barely failed lol I Was closer though this time. Its hard driving on the roads here ay and with all the ice and frosty windows its hard to see sometimes. All goods though Ill just get it when I come home. Also my debit card was cancelled for some reason. I called American savings bank and they said they were going to send another one in the mail to our Hawaii home address so you guys keep an eye out for that please. Mum and Dad excited to see you guys!! dont crash on the roads ay! If its possible could you guys bring some sort of cheap gifts for my people here, chocolate or something, whatever you think, thank you! I love all you guys, you too grams!! keep pushing yourselves to be better! see you guys in a bit!! Doitzen it up the guts again this week here we go!!!
Elder Kanahele!!

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