Monday, March 3, 2014

Catalino Ramirez Baptism - In Janesville
Kia ora you falas!! How you falas doin ay?? hoohoo str8 up ay!! good to hear from you family!! thanks for your letters.Iv loved hearing all the growth in each of you through out my time here. Lia girl so proud of you for sticking out with your wrestling. You did so good your first year. I’m happy that you still came out on top and having learned so much physically and mentally. I can remember how demanding it was in wrestling having to continue and wanting to continue even when your body is wasted and injured. It taught me a lot about "discipline" and I’m sure you as well, being strict with a diet, lifting, maintaining your weight etc. and I was able to transfer that over to my missionary work as a "disciple" of Christ having to change and give up various different things, in this case some physically but more spiritually. D&C 130:19  says:  "And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come". The lord can see the end from the beginning and knows what we need now to prepare for later. I love how you learned something from your experience Lia. my wrestling experience has blessed me even today.
     Family!! I had a good week. I will start with the highlight. I went down to one of my old areas Janesville to give Catalino Ramirez the baptismal interview for the "4th" time!! (Hes the guy we went and helped him get a suite for church about 6 months ago lol) Well he passed it, and I got to baptize him Saturday night. It was such a cool experience for me. It was a miracle to have been close enough to be able to have kept going back even after i left the area to give him the interviews and then to see him baptized 9 months later.
     This is my last week family!! Its coming closer and faster. Finishing strong here family! Im  cherishing every moment to testify, speak and act in the name of christ. It has been my most prized possesion I would say in all my time as a missionary, Testifying of the savior. I love him so much and I have stood by him my whole time here. I have at times faught against him, and Iv learned that his way in the end is the only way to have success and happiness in this life. I learned a cool quote this week that teaches us the purpose of the gospel, it says "the purpose of the gospel is to make bad men good, good men better, and to change human nature". The results of following the Savior has changed who I am. I have been blessed by his atonement. His enabling power has pushed me beyond my natural capacity, and it is that power alone that saves us beyond all that we can do in this life. I am so imperfect and my mission has helped realize how much I need my Savior.
    Family I love you guys and I thank you for your testimonies, your love and prayers for me. I have been blessed so much by you. I pray and thank my heavenly father so much for each of your individual gifts that have blessed my life. I look forward to seeing you guys again!! Have a good week you falas!! till the death!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka!!

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