Monday, December 30, 2013

Meagan & Roman's Wedding Day

Kia ora family!! awesome letters! was really goot to hear and see you guys on Christmas ay! Sounds like you guys had a awesome as week. Lia you look so beautiful in your pics girl. Tell the boys to watch out bumbai I crack dem when I get home. Ash bro you look handsome as to bro, fresh cut gee!! Con bro you too bro, in your church clothes g? haha crack up bro, you look thick as bro!! good too see you guys family! Tell Meagan I said Im happy for her and that I love her.
Ash & Peter John dreaming @ Wedding
     I dont have much to say today. Im about to head down to my drivers test pretty soon. Its gonna be a new expereince for me driving on ice and snow, should be all good though ay thats what the E-break is for lol jsut keeding. Its freezing as heck right now approximately -15 degrees hoohoo man beautiful weather ay.
     I had a good Christmas. Bowling was awesome lol. My ward is taking good care of us. I got your guys and teuilas box yesterday. Thank you for that ay. I will give those chocolates to my peeps. Teuila sent me one prime tie. Tell her I said thanks aswell please.
     Dont have much more to say family but that I am doing good. A lot of growth has happened for us in our short time here and miracles happening daily. Ash bro thanks for your testimony bro. Your gonna be a aweosme missionary bro. I love you all, thanks for your support again. Have a good week. Grams I LOVE you!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

Thursday, December 26, 2013

@ Sia Tonga's Brothers Home
Hey family!! awesome as to hear from you guys ay! Everyone sounds awesome!!
Iv had a crazy start to my transfer so far!! its been crazy cuz the day I got here my GPS broke and so we've been lost as heck haha been feeling the way I did when I first started my mission lol humbling ay. It’s been storming hard snow and ice these past couple days and so church was cancelled yesterday. Me and my comp had sacrament in our apartment, lol it was pretty crack up! The roads are crazy right now with black ice and wot not and so we been taking it easy out there. We were using massive maps this week to get around, it was so ugly. I have a crazy story to tell you though. So 2 days ago me and my comp drove out to get all the Christmas packages from the mission office to our zone. One of the packages were for me and it had a GPS in it. to make a long story short I put it down for 15 seconds by the front of the car and finish loading in the rest of the packages and turn back to get my package not even 30 seconds later and it was gone. We were looking all around the car, in the snow and the package was nowhere to be seen. It was the weirdest thing. I had a feeling that someone stole it but we didn't see anyone around there take it in that short time. We spent like 40 minutes in this area just looking all around the building in places where a thief would hide it but nothing. We get in our car and have a prayer and immediately after the prayer we both got the impression that the GPS was stolen by the person of this white car that was also parked in the same parking lot. So random ay. We got out of our car and got talking to some random dude outside and found out the apartment number to this guy who owned this white car.
Picture emailed to me by Brian Neeley (Ward Mission Leader)
We go through the building to find this person , knocked on his door but he wouldn’t answer. We walk outside and as we were about to give up and leave, there just so happened to be a policeman that drove into the parking lot to drop someone off. We got talking to him and told him our sitch. He went and got this guy to come out of his apartment. He was a German guy. But he got this dude to open his garage and then searched in it and came out with my package. While all of this was happening me and my companion Elder Gibbs were sitting in the cop car watching all of this go down. It was so crazy ay. Had we not done all those things we may have never seen that package again. God really answers prayers for big things and even small things like us trying to find our GPS. It was a cool experience. 
     But anyways the ward that Im in is the best ward iv ever been in on my mission. This ward is so united and I can feel that miracles are going to happen here and im excited. I met the brother of Aunty Sia Tonga (uncle walters wife). It’s the Afeaki family who are in our ward. He remembers me from the football camps and also leading the haka at Kahuku lol so small this world ay.  he is here coaching for football and UW. I had dinner with them last night and it was just so good to be around some polys for once in my whole mission. But anyways family, the lord has been so merciful to me, he is amazing. I love you guys and so excited to hear from you on christmas.!! Gramz you better be there.

Elder Kanahele Kaka

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sup family!! sorry I didn't  email you guys yesterday! We have been trying to figure out all our transfer logistics stuff for tomorrow. We spent all day yesterday doing that, it wasn't a p-day at all lol alguds though. We have had a lot of disobedient missionaries as well so we were taking care of that this week and yesterday, so busy man! tomorrow Ill be transferring over to another ward in my same area so I wont be going far. We finally split our massive zone and so I will be the zone leader of the other half. Its been a pretty hectic week family but a good one. Had heaps of exchanges and just been all over the place. I was in 3 different areas this week back to back. The crack up thing is I forgot to pack enough G's and stuff for all those days and pretty much just wore the same ones all week haha crack up man, humbling ay. It was -25 degrees the other day with the windshields!! crazy ay! the coldest weather Iv been in on my mission. I'm doing good though, im all set, have all the right gears and my health is mint as man!
     You guys all sound good though. Thanks for your letters. Con bro sewing uce?? shuah dog!! Ash bro bouts to play rugby gee?? mean bro, carve it up bro. Mum and Dad good to hear you guys love each other ay. you guys are awesome man! I don't have much time right now to write, sorry ay. Ill be better next week. But just to let you know when I get to my new area tomorrow ill try find someone I can go to for Christmas so I can Skype you guys. Sweet you falas excited to hear from you all ay. I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers and sacrifices, they have blessed me, my companion and our investigators. Have a mean as week, hear from you all next week.
p.s you guys like my pics from turkey bowl in the snow? and pday football!! Wisconsin styles uce!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

   Kia ora family!! sorry my letter is coming in late today. We have been busy as crap with our investigators today and shoveling snow in different areas. After that I had like 5 different guys in my zone ask me to cut there hair so its been all over the place today. The snow is raging right now its awesome with my boots man. There not even the right kinda boots, there like duck boots or something but I think their mean haha.
     Lia thats so cool about your wrestling. So proud of you Lia. Keep improving girl. Dont quit, dont be soft ay. You have had a lot of preperation with getting smashed around by us so you should be the strongest one out there. I love you Lia and miss you so much. Your testimony has grown a lot, and I can feel the spirit as I read them. You would be such a awesome missionary Lia.
     So my week was crazy. I got all the S.S and birth certificate in the mail and its all safe and sound mum. In order to qualify to get your license you need proof of residency and so Iv been all over the creation trying to get the crap they asked for. It cant just be anything either. I ended up just buying a 5 dollar fishing license and that worked. I had a cool experience cuz I needed to get a bank statement and there's no American Savings bank here so I called the number on the back of my debit card and guess who answers?? Branden Galapias Mum!!! haha she was like "whats your name" I said "George Kaka" she was like "George!! this is Branden Galapias Mum" haha so I spoke with her for a little bit and told her I was serving my mission and that it was snowing hard here, she thought it was so cool. But anyways I got my permit the other day and will be doing the drivers test on the 30th lol crack up ay.
     The work is going good family!!! this week I had a cool miracle happen. We were teaching our investigator Leslie. Hes been struggling so much. His family were about to lose their home because he got fired all of the sudden from his job and couldn't pay the bills. The land lord was going to kick them out of his house yesterday unless he came up with the money. He has a wife and a son Christopher who is 7 years old. He was crying to us about where his son would go and that he had bad asma and he doesn't do well in the cold. The spirit guided us like crazy through out the lesson and you could see his faith being strengthened by our words. At one point we felt prompted to promise him that he would find money the next day to pay his bills and that they would stay in their house. He believed us. We left his house and gave him a blessing, the spirit was so strong. The next day I was on exchanges in another area and my companion calls me up and says "Leslie got a credit card in the mail that had 750 dollars on it, just enough to pay his bills". Man It was so cool family to see that the lord cant lie. When you follow the spirit, it always works out. Leslie was just crying to us when we saw later yesterday. He kept saying "the lord lives....the lord lives"
     Miracles are happening this Christmas family. Tomorrow is Zone Training Meeting and we haven't even prepared it yet. We have been on 4 exchanges this week and so Its been hard to do that while separated from my comp majority of the time lol alguds though. I love my calling you falas
     I'm so happy to here your guys missionary experiences man!! That's so cool. We have a unique family which also makes missionary work easier. Something I encourage families out here who are doing similar things is to think "what is the next step to get them closer to taking the missionary discussions?" Once that happens they are preparing to be baptized and become what I call "recipients of the celestial kingdom". So cool ay. Iv also seen that each person has there own timing. some are easier than others and some take longer than others but the lord knows the heart of all his children and know what they need. We are just instruments ay. Mean
    Well i gotta bounce family. I Love you guys and am so grateful for you guys. Keep doing missionary work. And Dad bro I thought your joke was crack up bro. My humor hasn't changed at all. Con Bro crack up bout your sharting bro hahah I was rolling bro. I do it all the time ay bro coming out of lessons that you've just been holding in farts like crazy and than you come out and just explode bro but more than a fart comes out haha. several experiences there lol. Love you family. Love you grams!!
Elder kanahele Kaka

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kia ora family! I am so happy to hear from you guys. Reading your letters i felt proud to be apart of a family that are so strong in the gospel. You guys are examples to everyone ay, even the people I serve around here. I talk about you guys all the time to my investigators and members etc. Thanks to your worthy examples of saints, all the things I talk about are how strong and blessed my family is by the gospel. It gives me confidence to promise broken families blessings that I know will come for them. My mission has blessed me family. I thank the lord everyday for all my blessings. Today I reflected on how far Iv come. I thought back to when Conway came home from his mission and how filled with the spirit he was, you could tell he was worthy and in tuned with the lord. I remember when he got released and bore his testimony, he was crying hard. I didn't understand why. He had come home to his family who he had not seen for so long. Wouldn't you be relieved and happy? It really did bottle me ay. Today in my studies those thoughts went through my head. I understand why now. I cant imagine what its gonna be like not being a missionary anymore. I felt so bad thinking of you con, not knowing what you were going through. I love what my mission has done for me. It feels good to finally see the gospel clearly. I have a short time left. I think the biggest principle I can learn now is enduring to the end. Its my time right now to prove the lord. I cant help but remember my branch president from kenosha telling me "the end of your mission is a reflection of the end of your life" I wanna be prepared to finish my journey strong, everyday, hour and second. It makes me feel more accountable to think we will give an accounting to the lord for everything single thing we did with the time he alotted us in our mortal existence. We cannot turn back the hands of time. A cool saying I heard says "we learn from the past, we look to the future and we live for today. Thats why we call it the "present". The time we have now is truly a present ay and Christ treated his time that way.
    This week was a good one. We had thanksgiving at 3 different homes amongst non-members and less-actives. I had many opportunities to do music both on the piano and guitar and Iv learned the even greater power our music can have through the way we introduce the song. By explaining/testimony, you open the hearts of those around you in a way that the spirit of the music can pierce their hearts deeper. It gives greater light and clarity. After songs can be a time to seal the message or the spirit in their hearts. Allow people to benefit more from your music in a way that they will act differently and leave feeling a change inside. It was a good week you guys. Ate heaps of food and gained like 10 pounds ay lol. My companion has become a close friend to me. He has been a blessing to my life. Anyway though got some cool news. Today I'm going on an exchange with my trainer Elder Loertsher if you can remember him? well he is the AP. We have been best friends ever since but tonight he set up a dinner appointment with a family we use to teach back in my first area where we served together with the original fellow-shippers that we had at the time. The family is Dee Hardrath who sent you the letter thanking you for being good parents. So crazy ay?? its unreal to have this experience, we taught them about a year and a half ago. Excited for that man. Hopefully we can get them closer to baptism and becoming members of the church.
     Sweet though family I love you guys and am so proud of you all. Thanks for your examples and for supporting me out here. keep going hard in all that you do. Use your time wisely.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey wassap family!
This week was a crazy one. Snowing hard today. Me and my comp have been out shoveling snow for a older women in the ward Sister Winchel. Last week I also bought me some boots for 10 bucks at Savers lol crack up. There Green and yellow for the Packers. They should get me through the winter ay. I'm prepared this winter. Got the gears now ay, keen and ready. The work is going good here. We are working hard and hoping to have some baptisms in this upcoming month. We got 2 calls last night from former investigators that we use to teach and they are ready to take the lessons again so that's cool. I been working my hardest, so I ave a feeling that we will see the blessings this next month. As for the Drivers License. I have no clue why I need it. I Guess Pres has plans for me to be driving next transfer. Well see. Time is just flying for me here ay. The weeks go by like days and before I know it Im back here in the Library again writing my email. let me tell you that I am excited for this Christmas season. The greatest joy of the mission is doing the lords work during the season that he was born. I cant wait. Im gonna go hard.
     So the Wuehler family are the ones who called you guys. You have to call her back mum and thank her. She made a huge feed  the other night. Str8 up Loco Mocos, poi mochi crap, musubis and heaps more. She went through heaps to make all this Hawaii food stuff so I'm really grateful to them. She has done heaps for us and is trying to figure out what shes gonna make us for thanks giving.
     Anyways Ill tell you guys a little experience I had this week. We have been teaching an older women named Arlene Finlay. She is probably in her 70's. She is amazing and I treat her like shes my grandma and she treats me like im her grandson its crack up. When we first met her she said she was atheist and didn't believe in God and religions. Before closing her door we made the connection with her of Genealogy. She is hard out into family search and so we invited her to do family search at our chapel where they teach all that stuff. She ended up going to that thing and really loved it. We been stopping by here and there for the past 3 months and we've become really good friends with her. The other day we met her husband for the first time and had a good convo with them. We set up a return appointment and came back to there home which was this past week with some members from our ward. The topic of religion is a sensitive topic so we couldn't just be str8 up or else we would of pushed them away. I was however able to get through to them through music.  I sung them a song and it was obvious that they felt the spirit. My companion and I bore our testimonies and that was as far as we were able to get. It doesn't seem life much but compared to where we started till now this is a huge step just being able to help them feel the spirit in their home. I am so grateful to have grown up in music, instruments and sharing that talent. It has blessed me so much in the work.
    Anyways family I don't have much to say but that I'm doing good. I'm happy and I feel satisfied every night when I go to sleep knowing that I'm apart of this work. Its more true for me everyday when I feel the spirit. I love you guys. You sound awesome and Happy. Have a good week you falas. I forgot to bring my camera today but I will send you some pics next week. Tell grams that I love her a lot!
Elder Kanahele kaka! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

yo wattap family!! you falas a crack up man! Good to hear from you guys again.
    So proud of you all. Lia girl, your wrestling season sounds crack up, I remember that crap ay. I will never regret doing wrestling though, it taught me so much. It teaches you how to have personal accountability. your only as good as what you personally give. Endurance is another. Iv been blessed on my mission a lot because of the things I learned in wrestling so keep going Lia. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory!! Im proud of you Lia.
     Ash bro sole!! Player of the year??? sole that's 3 mean uce. So proud of you too bro. Eagle shuah?? bro mean dog take advantage of uncle Harold while hes a live bro, hes got heaps of knowledge. 
     Con bro you looking good dog in da surf pics bro. Sole that's crack up bout the flag football. must be having fun ah. Last week was so fun playing football man. We played out at some field in the snow. Man it was the most crack up thing ever. I straight up told everyone " i aint playing easy ay, were here to win" haha. It was my time ay. I was laying fools out all day. We were playing flag football with socks in our pockets but I was just tackling. They kicked it off bro str8 to me, it was hilarious bro I ran it str8 up the guts bro bowling all these little white dudes over, fended one dude right off his feet bro, everyone was tripping out bro, they thought I was angry ay, aint no thang man haha. Mean as zone leader ay?? haha gained heaps of respect though lol. Was a good P-day, memorable as.
     Mum girl. how you doing ow?? haha I love you ay mum, your a beautiful women. Im glad to hear you are learning so much from your work. You definitely have a lot to offer so that doesn't really surprise me. So imma try and get my license ay, hopefully I pass. Im pretty scared coz the roads here are retarded, They have like 6 way intersections and its just jacked lol. I guess pres wants me to be able to drive so I can be more moble and useful in other areas. 
    Dad bro, kia ora maori!! How's your body bro?? haha still looking good?? Im still a sick fala ay lol. I love you guys ay.
     I had a mean week. Seeing a lot of miracles. We have quite a few elders in our zone who are not approachable/ teachable in any way towards us or those whom they have stewardship over but its been cool learning how to get through to these types of people. For example we met up with one of them personally this week and just sat him down and had a talk. We asked pres for some coucil and he said to us "elders its kinda like marriage, the easy thing is to give up and get a divorce. Dont do that, work it out. most of all, love him."  I was like "fa what dumb council" lol I Was expecting something inspiring. Anyways we've been doing what pres said and its changed my whole perspective on leadership. Giving constructive criticism to your peers is difficult and Iv seen that in this calling. But this week I learned that when you lead with love they not only respect and listen to you but the problems that were there seem to just work themselves out. I don't know how that works ay but loving God and your neighbor brings success in all areas of life(matt 22:36-40).
     I felt the spirit so powerful this week. I been really trying to become a more charitable person and have been praying so hard for it. Normally when Iv prayed for something, Iv received opposition that allowed me to exercise some principle of the gospel. This week on the other hand Iv received tender mercies from the lord, not opposition in any way. Iv learned a lot about it. Iv been making a lot of changes in me that have blessed me this week. We learn of principles through church and the scriptures etc. but don't benefit from them until we really apply them. Jesus was perfect in this aspect. I want to have this as a strength, and so my week was based on becoming better at that. Anyways family that's if for me ay. Ready for another week of success. I want this!!
elder kanahele!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex's Baptism 11-09-13
Hey how you doing family!!! good to hear from you guys ay. Sounds like the rain is coming ay. Same story ay lol flood so'o. Thats crack up bout the little contraption you dumb maoris. As for the wheather here, today its snowing hard out. We gonna go play football in the snow so I get an opportunity to smash the District Leaders in my zone lol. My week was hectic as the mother. Monday through friday was straight transfers, moving missionaries all over, meetings and heaps of crap. Its been keeping me real busy ay which I love. No rest for the wicked you falas.
     Byu football team came up to play University of Wisconsin on saturday and got smashed. The friday before the game they put on a fireside at the stake center (our chapel). It was cool as ay. Was good to see and feel the spirit of polynesians man. I saw some familiar faces. coach mark atuaia the fwam, coach anai, i also saw sae tautu (tigis cousin). It was crack up coz he came up to me after the fireside and said "sole george how you doing" lol I was cracking up. He served his mission in Brookland and is back at BYU playing. I also met one of their star players Bronson Kafusi who spoke. He served his mission in New Zealand and knows the Kaka family. It tripped out a lot of people/ nonmembers seeing what the team did the day before game as in comparison to what other teams do. It was a good impression for our churh. ESPN cameras were there so it was cool that it was broadcasted too.
     Right now we are teaching a awesome family Kendrick and his wife Mate. They have been taking the lessons and progressing so well. The husband was born and raised in the states, straight up gangster. And his wife was born and raised in Zambia Africa. They have become like family to us. There eyes have been opened to the message of the restoration and all the answers to lifes deepest questions that come with it. He has commited heaps of crimes, has been with gangs, in and out of jail. We caught him at a time in his life when he is changing. His wife will be giving birth soon so he is trying to prepare himself for the baby. He is working on giving up bad habits, smoking and other things and this is the state that we found him in. So prepared. He has come to church and also the fireside the other night and loved it. Our ward did a ward fast for missionary work and since  then we have found so many prepared people like Kendrick and Mate.
     My zone right now consists of 60 missionaries. We have 7 districts, and 5 of these district leaders are new to this calling. Its been a stretch trying to keep everyone in the loop and training them on how to fulfill and magnify their calling. There is no way I could go trunkey well there is so much to be done here. So far I have learned a lot of patience and love. patience with others faults and loving them when you feel like scolding them. Its been very humbling for me as a leader ay. There has been many times where Iv had to be the bigger person, bite my pride and try to understand other missionaries struggles in the work. Its not easy trying to be like Jesus ay. Not at all. Theres nothing you can do to vent like going to the beach, listening to music, being alone for a while, playing the guitar, lifting or taking your frustration out on a punching bag. Things that Im used to doing. Being away from all these things have taught me how to go straight to my heavenly father when I need his help, when I dont know how to comfront a situation or if I just need some comfort. The relief is much longer lasting and builds deeper conversion rather than temoral relief. I know heavenly father loves all of his children. This has really helped me to grow. Out of all my expereinces and miracles witnessed on my mission. The greatest of them all is the testimony and conversion I have recieved from prayer and scriptrue study. Something I learned yesterday in church is that their is a difference between these 2 words "testimony" and "conversion". A testimony is to know and feel. Conversion is to do and become. It is possible to have a testimony with out living it where as conversion is a process not an event. Earnestly and sincerely praying to my heavenly father and reading his words everyday has changed my life. This week I realized how grateful I am for these 2 principles. Sweet family! i LOVE you guys so much ay. Im gonna finish strong ay! thanks for your support again!!
p.s I got the box mum. Thanks I loved the lollies. I should be good for the rest of my mission ay. I LOVE you mum. Ill send you guys my broken watch and also a usb that has some vieos on there of me singing and of my investigator kendrick doing a stand up comedian for us lol!
elder kanahele kaka

Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Boy will be home in 4 months!!

Kia ora family!! mint as letters! Kahuku is done???? dang that's crazy man!! Ash though bro im super happy for you bro you have done a lot of good ay, and represented hard bro! Its crazy to think you about graduate uce. The mission is right around the corner bro! I cant wait for you to get out and experience the greatest joys bro. Keep preparing bro. Your testimony is growing sole I can tell. Iv been able to work with a lot of younger missionaries lately, fresh 18 year olds out of high school and its crazy cuz the lord allows them to grow quickly. You will be prepared bro, first thing is become worthy bro. There's no better way to prepare. (Alma 60:23) says the inward vessel shall be cleansed first than shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.
     Mum stop stressing ow! If your doing all you can, than things will turn out the way they are supposed to. You got this mum! one step at a time girl. Have a prayer and let your spirit take the lead and everything will follow.
     Lia your crack up ow! dramas ay? don't do it ow lol Love you lia, thank you for being such a lovely sister to me. I tell everyone about you out here and they think the shave ice thing is so crazy. Thanks Lia I love you so much. Your never getting married cuz Ill smash all your boyfriends.
     Dad bro how you been bro? miss you ay. how's your body looking bro? Hows your gout bro? still taking those pills just so you can eat pork? lol crack up bro. I love you dad.
     Con bro shole who's the aunties in the pics g?? potential or wut? haha you got a girlfriend or wut bro? gotta stop jumping on your brada koals back uce! lol just kidding bro love you ay con. You looking good bro. Im proud of you bro. Hows doctor status bro? still going temple g? fa its been crazy not being able to go to the temple in ages ay. We are so spoiled to see it from our house lol. Hows the missionary work going with our families? they gonna take the lessons or wut?
     Sorry my letters smallkine crimz today. Its gonna be crazy day for us. Its transfers this Wednesday so me and my comp will be sussing out transfer logistics for the whole zone. It takes straight 2 days for us, so well be slammmed all today. Im loving my calling though family and trying to magnify it.
     My highlight experience of this area has been getting to know the willis family in our ward. They have a crazy story like lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem. He got revelation that he and his family should leave everything in Indiana where they lived before, and move to Wisconsin. So he did right away not knowing at all why, or even where they would live or any job situation. They got here, bought a domb house tent thingy and just parked it on some camping grounds. They have been living like boy scouts for the past 5 months. We went over to eat dinner and it was crazy how they have been living but they were just so humble about it. It made me cry just being there. This week they planned that there time was done here so we helped them pack everything up today and they are leaving now. So crazy ay. He said I didnt know why we had to do all these crazy things. I had a sweet job back home , a house and left all of that behind because when the lord commands, me must obey. He said they know now why they had to come here. To learn how to serve and do misisonary work. Because of their situation they had less responsibilities and more time to serve and help others. They have spent the last 5 months fellowshipping so many people to the church. He said, "had we not moved here we would have never had these experiences and teaching moments".
     I thought their story was so cool ay. We don't always understand where we will end up, how we are getting their but when we obey the lord, he leads and guides us.
    That's me family, doing good, healthy, happy and sexy!! haha I love you guys so much. Keep being better and improving. Until next week!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kia ora family! mint as letters!! Ash bro destroying it out there on the field ay g?? bro proud as heck of you bro. You always had the talent ay bro, It just started to come together after I left bro cuz I was to hard on you bro. Member that bro? doing latters across the road at tva? Sole I use to stand at the other side of the latter and wait for you to come through so I could smash you bro hahahah sad fala ay bro I'm a bit messed up in the head ay but my missions been able to help me with that lol. l Love you bro. Keep being successful g and humble. Family you guys all look good ay. And as for me I look good too. Been doing a lot of running lately in the mornings. Its starting to get cold now days so im getting my juevos ready for that. I had a awesome week. We had stake conference yesterday and it was so awesome. Before it though we had a MCM meeting me and my comp with all the stake presidency and also the mission president where we talk with them about every recent convert in the stake within the last year, and all the baptismal candidates in our zone. Its a awesome opportunity for me. Iv been able to learn a lot from these great men and about how to be a righteous leader. In this calling you have to know a lot of people, their names, their problems and concerns and its just crazy how the lord qualifies you to be able to do  that. At the stake conference they had all the full-time missionaries stand up and there were heaps of us!! it was amazing ay!! its a good time to be a missionary. The whole conference was focused on members stepping their game up in the missionary work, It was awesome as heck! The stake president said in his talk to the members "if you don't raise the bar how will you ever know your potential?" its crunch time ay family. We need to be focused on being prepared for the savior to come. The Book of Mormon was brought about in our age and time to prepare us for his second coming. It teaches us of what the people did in the ancient Americas to prepare for his first coming to help us know now how to be better prepared for his second coming. We are lucky ay.
     So last week when I was on exchanges in my last area I gave the baptismal interview to Catalino and he just wasn't ready. After the conference yesterday, Catalino was there, so I gave him the interview again and he answered all of the questions good but It just didn't feel right to me. I love this guy and I want him to receive the blessings of baptism more than any other person besides God but I didn't pass him. It was crazy cuz Iv never had to do that on my mission. Not pass someone. I reassured him that he would be baptized but that additional preparation was needed before that could happen. As soon as he left the room I closed the door and knelt down and prayed to ask heavenly father if what I did was correct. Immediately my whole body was filled with the spirit. Heavenly father assured me that baptism was sacred and that the person must be prepared in their willingness to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ. Its a serious thing ay. but it was just a cool experience that helped me know how much our father in heaven loves us and is preparing us to live with him. The holy ghost is real. My greatest joy of the work is being able to feel that everyday. But the spirit can sometimes become like being in a hot shower for too long. The shower doesn't seem to be too hot anymore because your body gets used to it. And so when we have the spirit with us so often we tend to forget its there anymore until its gone. Iv found that by continually being conscious of the spirit and by righteous living we can have strong spiritual experiences more frequently in our lives which will help us have deeper conversions of the gospel. Iv witnessed this more so later in my mission. The work of the lord is real. I love it so much. i love you my family. Excited to reunite with you all again. Have a mean week!!
p.s tell grandma that I love her ok
p.s.s here's some picks of my comp on his b-day the other day and also our new car we got!!! spoiled ay. We get treated like kings as zl's
Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday Night 10-18-13 Ash Smashed it out there! RR4L - _\,,/
Hey family!! really good to hear from you guys today. I really felt the spirit reading your letters today and couldn't help but have a little cry. We have such an awesome family. I love you guys and just want to thank you for your prayers. Last night as I knelt down to pray and go to bed I thanked my heavenly father for all that he has given me. The spirit was felt as I thanked him for each individual family member. I have learned something profound from each of you that has shaped my life and who I am. It has helped me get through my mission. I owe my life to heavenly father and just thinking of the percentage time of my service as a missionary compared to the rest of my life, this is the least I can do in return for my life. We are so blessed. I see this everyday with those I teach and work with and even my very own companions and fellow missionaries. Our family has so much. 
      Well this week was a crazy one. We had 3 exchanges and so I was all over the place. I had a awesome week though. I got to go back to my last area in Janesville and see all my old family's, friends and it was just a sweet reunion. Catalino, a man that I found and was teaching for 6 months there, is finally getting baptized and so I get to go back next week and give him the baptismal interview, such a sweet reward ay. I have such a awesome companion right now ay. He has helped me so much to become a better person. Every experience we have is a precious one because it determines our becoming. Out here it seems like everything is in my bet to grow, learn, be humbled, and just become. Its been the sweetest ride for me ay. One thing Iv really struggled with lately is just stealing man. On exchanges I Just steal heaps of things ay, toiletries, food, writing utensils etc. its hard living the poor life ay haha na na.
     Awesome to hear bout your brother Charlie dad and his affects from his mission. I felt comforted hearing that and a confirmation of how real this work is. I also love that you guys are seeing the blessings that come from service. Its the best feeling ay. I am impressed by how many accomplishments each of you have had lately, that is all part of the plan ay. Keep your efforts up family. Its obvious that your testimonies have grown so much. I'm sure my letters have changed since Iv been gone, well I hope they have, but so have yours. Keep moving forward family. "You know your on the right path if your going uphill"- elder perkins of the seventy said that to our zone. Its true though. That's why Jesus Christ is who he says he is. He is the master climber and he's paved the path to take. Now all we need to do is climb. I love you family, have a sweet week!
elder kanahele kaka!! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

This is Typical, im just glad his pants is on!
Kia ora family! good to hear from you guys. Another week behind and gone so fast. The fall is falling in and winter is close. The trees are changing into so many vibrant beautiful colors. Its different ay. Its gonna be a good winter though. I'm prepared this time ay haha. It was a mean week. Missionary work is just so enjoyable. Yesterday at church was awesome. Our ward did a fast for missionary work and so the testimony meeting was based off missionary work along with all the classes, it was the best Sunday of my mission. The bishop asked me to give my testimony and I was so happy to get the opportunity to just bear testimony of missionary work. As I bore my testimony I just started crying and it was so weird ay, I never cry but I was just so overwhelmed with the spirit of missionary work. I know that its true. I'm really soaking in the time that I have left and it sucks because its flying faster and faster every transfer. My calling keeps me busy and were constantly on the mover travelling all over our massive zone to do exchanges with missionaries. We go on at least 13 exchanges a month so its a fun calling getting to be all over Wisconsin. I met a guy from Hawaii the other day at a ice-cream shop, it was crazy ay. Str8 fresh of the island of Maui, cant remember his name though but it was good to see a poly. Its good to hear the family is doing good though you falas. Mum I don't know if I mentioned last week but since you falas are gonna come get me, I just wanted to make sure you spoke with the mission office about travel plans and wot not. Anyways you guys I love you guys so much and happy to be apart of such an amazing family. It makes it so easy for me to testify of families and what the gospel can do for them, coming from a family that is so happy and blessed. Hope everyone is looking chexy, and your bodies are in shape lidat. I don't have much else to say, I'm here doing ma thing, working my butt off and trying to become the person God wants me to be. Thank you for your love and support it has blessed me my whole mission. Have a good week family!!
elder Kanahele
Attatched I have some pics we tood today at a crazy place called epic. Some member works there and gave us tour and hooked us up with a free feed. Mean p-day activities!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

PCC 50th Reunion Ball 09-05-13

Kia ora family! mean as letters ay! It was a mean week with the conference ay, a lot of learning and now time to really benefit from living the things we learned. Thanks for the picks, they look mean. Ash sole you sound and look good bro. Your shirt looks 2 mills uce! mean bro. Glad to here everyone is doing good though, its always a good feeling to here that after a week of work. Iv had a massive week ay. Its been a very prosperous and spiritual one. The biggest miracle of the week was the ability to feel the spirit. I been really focusing on the spirit this week in the way that I read the Book Of Mormon and the way I speak with heavenly father. Because of it I was prepared for promptings I was given. I was asked by a missionary to give him a blessing. At the time there were 4 other missionaries in their apartment who could have given him a blessing. Instead of telling him to ask one of them I felt we should still go and so we drove a pretty far distance to get there. After giving the blessing I didn't feel too accomplished like that was my real purpose in being in that apartment. Make a long story short I walk into their room and get talking with the companion of the missionary who we blessed. He's having a really hard time. He was thinking about going home, felt inadequate and unprepared spiritually to be out here. He told me I don't even know if all of this even is true. This missionary just started balling. I felt the spirit so strong as I testified to this elder of my conversion. 
(I don't know if you know) but I never received a sure witness that the church was true, or even the Book of Mormon my whole life before the mission. I went my whole first 9 months of my mission not knowing. It was hard to press forward during hard times when I had no reason too. At this point I had read the Book Of Mormon 3 times, did moronis promise, prayed and received absolutely no answer. I later read a talk "the 4th missionary" that inspired me to really put God to the test if he really was there. This talk invites the missionary to sacrifice all that he has, hears, says, does and thinks about for the lords will. Too receive an answer willingly did these things. The last being to write Mona off. I did these things family and when the time was right I again asked the lord as sincere as I was able, if the book of Mormon was true, I didn't receive a yes or a no but that I should be patient, and that my answer would come. At the end of that week was general conference. Elder Erying gave a talk and in it he said "to everyone God gives gifts. pray to know what your gifts are" I Felt the spirit most at that moment to take his invitation. I prayed immediately after his talk. I opened my eyes and the choir began to sing "behold tis even tide". I received the most powerful witness I could ever have. It was my answer. In that moment I had flashbacks of my life and every witness I had received from music. I felt the spirit of God fill my body and it was as though there were angels present in the room. 
Along with this experience I shared many things with this missionary. we spoke for at least an hour. His experience is a lot like the one I had especially being that the next day after our talk was general conference. Invited him to change his life and promised him that he would receive an answer, cuz i did. I closed us with a prayer. My prayer was filled with Gods words because, this missionary literally fell to the ground and starting crying. He could hardly speak. He told me that I said exactly what he was thinking and the exact things that he needed to hear. It was a miracle family. God lives today. Ill share one thing from general conference I liked. It was said "we have one message...and that is that God still speaks" Laman and Lemual saw an angel and that experience still didn't convert them. miracles do not produce faith. True conversion happens from the lord speaking to us by his voice or by his spirit. My testimony is that we all need to feel the witness of the spirit through righteous living and obedience in order to receive conversion. we need conversion to have any reason to press forward in this life of obstacles and continuous tests of faith. I fasted Saturday and Sunday so that this missionary could receive that answer. My miracle of the week among many. Love you family, thank you for all that you do.
Elder kanahele Kaka

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kahuku vs Kailua - Ash was da Man!!
Kia ora Family!! crack up letters man. Awesome expereinces ay with school, work, church etc. sole con uce, quien es tu amiga? ella parece una buena chica. tiene potencial? que chistoso sole sobre las dos chicas. digala que me mande una foto jaja! sole. Crack up family. So dad did you get a call from a lady the other day? Its a family in my ward that used to live in Laie and were born and raised with polys both her and here husband. For dinner they made chicken katsu, rice, one mean macaroni salad, and paini popo buggah was ono lidat. But they miss Hawaii hard, and grew up eating all the grinds. Tell them thanks cuz they been taking care of me. Its brother and sister wuehler. She wants the recipe to make poi mochi entoces mama puede darla the recipe gracias. 
Family I had a good week ay. A crazy one. We had mission tour this week and so it was another zone combined with us and me and my comp were In charge of all the logistics and the meeting program crap. It was crazy. We had a general authority come down to that, his name was Anthony Perkins of the seventy, but he was a spiritual giant hard. Last minute the presidents wife win ask me If I had a song I could sing, so right on da spot I went play and sing have you ever talked to God. It was pretty good ay. This meeting wasn't like any other, Elder Perkins recognized that the missionaries in our zone weren't being obedient, and one point of the meeting he randomly stopped and says " The spirit has been telling me to say this for the past 3 hours.....this group of missionaries are not prepared. Their is something that you haven't been doing to prepare for the spirit today. I have not been feeling the spirit here today" It was crazy ay, I was hit not because I have been disobedient or anything but because he was talking to my zone. Im their leader. The day before the meeting I was reading the Zone leader packet and one part says in it "you are responsible for the success or failure of your zone"  and at that moment I felt a burden of not preparing my zone enough to receive revelation from this apostle. I received a lot of great council and direction for myself, and all those I lead and teach, It was a mean time. One quick update about our mission. our president just made it a rule that no one can have any instruments!!! crazy ay, one my main tools in the work. All goods though this is gonna test and allow me to find other gifts that heavenly father has given me. After the meeting that day, I felt the spirit so strong this whole week and have seen plural miracles occur simply because I could recognize the spirit more in my work. Our African family is doing good. Her 2 sons went on the scout camp this week, so their is great progress there. Me and my comp are all G. We had to move out of our apartment this week so we been doing a lot of lifting and moving around. One cool thing with having a truck is we are able to move a lot of things. This past week we found heaps of furniture and beds on the side of the road and hulled them al over to our African family's house. They were stoked like the heck. And she told my at church yesterday, "elder Kanahelieelei(murdered my name lol) the bed is comfortable" lol crack up ay. Anyways family, gotta get going, my minutes are about to end, these computers suck, only give us 30 minutes. I love you guys ay, ash n lia keep doitzing it in your sports, con bro get marries g, mum I Love you and cant wait to hug you too, now my bodies soft lol, and dad bro your the mad ay love you g, keep singing bro to the death, I Love it ay. Get your voice ready, when you come well be singing to all my peeps bro, the trade mark ay lol. Shot family!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kia ora family! everyone sounds mean. I had a very humbling week. Transfers was the craziest thing on earth. We had to worry about logistics for 60 missionaries. Where they were sleeping, whose car they would be getting in, who they give their keys too, the times of loading and unloading, meetings they needed to be at, and all the new apartments they would be moving into and more. It was crack up as ay. My companion was transferred so it was all on me and so I was having a good laugh coz I was lost as heck. I haven't been one to know the coordinates and map of our mission nor have I cared to know lol but now I have to know that stuff. Like north south east and west lol and how many miles from point A to point B haha it was a crack up. My gps was my liahona for sure ay, dont know what I would have done. Got through it though family. I was having some mean prayers that heavenly father would help understand everything, remember it and be able to direct all the missionaries where to go, and he did. My new companion is Caylor Carter from farmington Utah, Tall white fwamster. He's a tight guy though. Kind of geeky but we get along hard. We compensate each other real well and its been good to work with him this past week. He has been serving in Mexico this past year and a half but hurt his back and had to go home for therapy for about 2 months. His visa expired so hes finishing his last months out here. Anyways so that was the bulk of my week ay. I feel like a grown up now haha cuz we've had to talk to land lords and apartment managers on behalf of new apartments for missionaries and its just been a crack up cuz the old me didn't do that ay haha. As for the work, this week was humbling and I felt the spirit a lot. The thing I love about obstacles is you get to feel heavenly fathers love even more in your life. I felt that this week. Our African family has been doing ok. They have some serious struggles and it just makes me so sad and humbles me every time im in their presents. These people all live in a small ugly apartment, no furniture or beds to sit and sleep on, or even enough food to feed their young kids. They have tons of charges against them because of false accusations and are just in a jacked situations. Despite all of this they are the most humble people I have ever met. They never murmur, wine or talk about how crappy their lives are. The one who's name is Elijah yesterday told me "im not rich like bill gates but I know im rich in spirit because I know who god is" It made me cry ay cuz these people are they who Jesus said: blessed are they who are poor in spirit for they shall inherit the kingdom of my God. we taught them from Jeffrey R Hollands talk "good things to come", and closed with 2 nephi 31. These people love each other. They share one bottle of Gatorade amongst each other and still want to feed us dinner. But we are helping them have greater purpose to press forward and teaching them of the good things that are to come. They are preparing to be baptized October 28 so I hope they can get there. When we understand what is in store or what lies ahead of our obstacles and enduring struggles, we are willing to overcome the waves of life. That was my highlight experience of the week family. Just seeing how much Gods children need us. They need to know that their is a savior who wants to heal us, but he waits at the door. We are here to teach people how to come unto Christ and be healed. I have witnessed many who live their lives with out this spiritual and universal medicine of Christs atonement and it breaks my heart but at the same time I cherish more what I have and know to be true. I love you family!
Elder Kanahele, DOITZ!

Family @ Wes & Dalys Wedding
Hey family!! mean letters. Good to hear from you all. Thanks for the pictures ay. Fa you guys look mean! Ash sole varsity ah? sole that's mean uce. Good to see you guys ay. Looking tanned hard lol. Mum thanks for your experience that's awesome that you have been able to work under pressure. Something that's helped me out here is just having a good laugh ay lol. Wes wedding sounds like it went good. What's up with the pink? haha that's fob hard man lol, you guys looked awesome though . Cool that papa came to ashes game and that Ash did good. Dang bro when do you graduate g? Will I be home for that? Anyways family I don't have a lot of time to write today, We are busy as heck sussing crap out for transfers tomorrow. Our Zone is getting like 20 more new missionaries and several new areas opening up and so things are just even more crazy ay, fa its crack up trying to keep track of everything. My comp is getting transferred so Ill be training a new Zone Leader woiy shole lol. Na but things are all goods ay family. Had a crazy week. My comp has been sick to the stomach and bum so we been at the doctors getting him sussed. They had to stick their hand up his bum so it was pretty crack up. We are teaching an African family from Zambia. A family of 7. They found us one day when we were walking to an appointment so it was cool that they found us. We have been teaching them and they have been reading the Book Of Mormon and coming to church and preparing for baptism so its been a really spiritual experience. There poor as and don't even have any beds to sleep on. humbling experience to see them ay. Our struggle has been the word of wisdom so we are working to help them overcome that barrier. Lately we been also teaching broken families trying to fix their problems but who have a hard time consistently live the gospel. Its so evident that as soon as we stop living the gospel, as soon as we put our shields down, we fall and become unhappy. Iv seen it over and over again. In my studies this week trying figure out how to solve so many obstacles our investigators have, what to teach, and say that will help them I was comforted when I came upon a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants section 5:16 which says:  And behold, whosoever abelieveth on my words, them will Ibvisit with the cmanifestation of my dSpirit; and they shall beeborn of me, even of water and of the Spirit
 I realized that my investigators don't have to know everything, or have a perfect knowledge of all the things we teach. all I need to worry about is helping them feel the spirit and believe in our words. If they can no more than desire to believe, the lord says he will work with that small seed and nourish it in their lives. The spirit is the most powerful source in conversion, in changing your life, others lives and accomplishing what the lord wants. He can only work with us through the spirit. This week I wanna pay more attention to the spirit rather than what I should study, say and teach but rather follow direction God is already willing to give me. 
Anyway family that's me ay. Still learning, and growing. I got a lot to learn ay, but am willing to receive what needs to be taught to me as well, so I know the lord will continue to teach me. 
So awesome bout Jack henry, glad he can be an example to his family and all his non-member friends. Sweet opportunities for aunty nickie them ay mean. And Grams love you ya. Love you falas peace!
Elder kanahele!

Monday, September 9, 2013

PCC 50th Reunion Ball - 09-05-13
Kia ora you falas!! good as to see some pics and hear from you guys. Sole con you and koal look yoked bro, it disgusts me bro lol! The ball also looked mean ay, i bet you were the man dad, as always bro. Good to hear you guys still Jamming. I have my moments too ay haha. Con bro str A's g? oiyoiyoiy kamehameha education finally win pay off ah? shuah!! sole proud as of you bro, still going hard bro. That's crazy bout wesh and dalys haha its crack up to think all the small laie fwams are all getting married lol crack up. Mum girl sounds like you been smallkine stressed ah? take it easy girl. lol Na you sound like you tearing it up in your career though mum and really using your gifts that God has given you to be so constructive in your work, in word and deed and I think that's just amazing. Ash and Lia you falas look grown ay. You kids sound good as though ay. Don't be naughty you falas lol. Ash bro how's mission prep bro? the bar has been raised bro. I see these young gits coming out at 18 couple weeks after their graduations but they are so mature spiritually, its crazy. Start preparing bro, cuz before you know it, its gonna be here. Read the Book of Mormon and preach my Gospel bro, your number one tools right their g. Go out with the missionaries if you can bro, get a taste. Overall bro, be worthy. Do whatever you need to, to be clean bro in every way. I love you guys ay. Dad and Con, Happy birthday ma brothas! you old fwammys. How's your guys balls bro? haha sick falas ay. I love you guys.
Family Im doing mean as ay. This week we have focused a lot on member missionary work. We have committed all the members in the ward to make family mission plans (created as a family in FHE with S.M.A.R.T goals) SMART meaning "simple" "Measureable", "Attainable", "Realistic", and "Time-bound/ Timely". Its been a way more effective way to do missionary work and is aligned with the prophets command that in order to do the lords work his way, members and missionaries have to work together. So this has been us ay family. No immediate results but a little down the road here when members magnify this call, we will be living to the standard that Jesus Christ set for us. I'm happy to hear you guys are doing this ay. Keep it up. Other than this, Our mission has been growing every month with new missionaries along with our zone, so we've been finding a lot of apartments, doing inspections and lots of grown up things haha its crack up. This week I felt prompted to ask my comp to give me a blessing. It was pretty random cuz I feel fine. He gave me the blessing and I literally felt like angels were about me and their hands on my head .The spirit was powerful. He mentioned the word ancestors and it struck me that their is a spirit world where our loved ones dwell. I felt them around me that night and Iv received their support through out the rough times of my mission. It was the meanest and most life changing blessing Iv ever received and so I was happy that I followed that simple random prompting. The lord lives and works today to save our souls. I love you guys. Doitz it to the end!!
Elder kanahele kaka
Family Gathering 09-08-13
Kia ora family!! crazy as week ay. Te manahua pics look mean as ay. Lia you look soo grown up and beautiful. Good pukanas man hoohoo. And Dad bro you look 5 mean uce, sole you look trim az and young. Send me a pic of your body if possible bro, I need some physical motivation to get in shape lol. Mean family. Shave ice went good ay? man rich as falas lol. What a blessing it is to live where we are, I tell everyone about our families shave ice and they think its mean. Ash bro sounds like you had a good trip bro, wish I could be a witness of your growth bro, but I can feel it through your letters uce. Mean g. Make sure you make a highlight tape ah? and Lia ma girl how you doin boogey? lol you looking like a women ay crack up. Sydney looks good too haha. proud of you Lia, you got some pics of your softball? sounds like your having heaps of fun ay. Thanks for your letters Lia, I Love you so much. Con bro, your crack up bro. Just the school lif ay bro? mean g, how's your dating goals going bro? still kissing the girls bro? don't stop bro till your married bro. Don't wanna be an old fwam and not married ah lol shot bro. And Mum how you doing girl? how's insanity? get da 6 pack yet or wut? lol I love you mum, and so grateful to have such an amazing mum. Hows your school stuff going?
Anyways family for me, its been algud ay. Plugging away at this calling. Learning how to use the programs on the computer to make slide shows, charts, and crap like that. Been spending a lot of time in the Library putting together a lot of stuff its been really different cuz im used to being outside and working. Its good though learning heaps ay. I hate technology haha. But im learning to love it. I just finished figuring out how to use our touch phone (high tech stuff). We dont get heaps of time to work in our area cuz of all the different assignments that the president gets us to do, but with the little time we do have the lord provides. We still manage to do a lot of our area, the ward and the zone. Im learning how to trust more in the spirit to bring to my remembrance all the tasks, and things we need to do, plan, teach and say so that we are staying balanced in the work and not neglecting other important aspects of the work. Its been really good for me. I'm learning a lot with my comp. We have a Zone training meeting tomorrow, so getting ready to throw it down on their faces again haha. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that if we desire to be most closest to God in our lives and in hard times, we will read, live and apply its teachings. Iv also come to realize how imperfect and needful we are for Christ's atonement. Repentance is the only we can become worthy enough to face life's challenges, reach our mortal potential, and allow God to direct us in every phase of life. This month the scripture in Ether 12:27 has had a big impact on me. It says that God gives us weaknesses so that we can be humble, and rely and come unto him. If we never had obstacles or opposition, we could never learn how to rely on the lord, to be humble and to rely on the atonement to change us. Gods plan is a perfect plan that brings happiness and growth. I'm happy family, and I know the lord loves our family and wants us to return to him together. Have a mean week family, keep achieving greatness and being Christ's disciples. Doitz it!! I Love you falas!
Elder Kanahele

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sup you falas! fa awesome as letters. My week was better than last week ay lol. Getting the hang of things. Zone Conference went mean as ay. Our Zone said it was the best conference they ever been to, no jokes. I was wondering after we gave our training how it went and then the president gave the whole zone an opportunity to stand up and share how they felt. Man it was mean as, It pumped me up even more to do the work. I str8 threw it down on their faces ay lol str8 up Book of Mormon to the face! haha but anyways family, Its been cool being a zone leader coz we go on exchanges all week long and so I get the chance to lift and inspire other missionaries and iv really felt accomplished doing that. My mission goal has been the become a patient person and it has improved a lot and is still improving heaps. Me and my comp had a little fight the other day but it was like the most dignified fight iv ever been in, like a spiritual fight it was crack up. I love my mission though family. So the family from my last area who were falling apart and what not, (don't know if you remember?) but they are back together and are preparing for baptism next month so I was very happy to hear that, and will get to go to that. But anyways, the coolest thing that Iv enjoyed in my new calling is the opportunity to join in with other leaders of the church; the president of the mission, stake presidents etc. Iv learned heaps from them, how to lead, just changing hte mind set, to thinking ahead, planning for yourself, with your comp, for your investigators, and for all the other missionaries and their area and investigators. Lol its heaps ay. I couldn't even remember my homework assignments when I was in school lol. But the lord has stretched me a lot and has lifted me to do a lot of hard things ay, and confusing things. That's me family, just finding my groove ay. Its coming though. We have heaps of people preparing for baptism right now so Il keep you posted. But I Love you guys and happy that you are trying to further the lords work over their. I Love it ay. The work in being hastened everywhere, and were apart of it. Keep going hard family.
Elder Kanahele

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kahuku Vs St.Louis (08-17-13) 1st game of the Season

Kia ora family!! shot for your letters ay, massive!!
I had a pretty crack up week. lol made heaps of mistakes in my calling. Just giving out wrong information to missionaries about logistics, not doctrine or anything but it was crack up coz I had to add up all our numbers from the zone and it was crack up coz my mathematics were a little bit off haha my companion got a little frustrated at that but I told him that a few off numbers aint gonna stop the work from progressing or miracles from being wrought. haha fa Im dumb as ay. But as far as my testimony and drive to complete my duties to the lord have massively increased ay. Its been mean just having this calling and having to raise my standard even higher has alreay taught me a lot. Tomorrow is our Zone conference, so I feel keen as on just giving my general conference talk lol just throwing it down ya feel me? na but anyways Its been a awesome week. As a Zone Leader con that is exactly how I feel ay. Like how can I be helping these missionaries do and be successful if Im not. Me and my comp have been having some mean pep talks about this, and our goal is to lead the zone in baptisms. We have like 50 missionaries in our zone who are all under 6 months out and its crazy coz their all new and inexperienced, so our numbers are the lowest that they've ever been in history lol so a pretty good time for me to be here and help things change. Im all for it you falas. But im getting my groove here. Summers coming to an end and the winter will be rocking up pretty soon so, getting myself mentally prepared for that again lol. Thanks for motivating me you falas. Im here to win ay, Im gonna smash it these last few months. I love you falas. Awesome pic of the family, and Ashs football. Far bro you look tall as g. Proud of you bro, and your works. keep your trainings hard g. How's your strength on the weights g? you doing cleans and squats or wut? shot bro. I love all you guys. A cool talk I read this week said: " Not shrinking is much more important than surviving" " The savior did not shrink in Gethsemane or on Golgotha"
I saw this as, if you love the lord you cant give up, you cant stop reaching for perfection. If the savior did, life would be purposeless. The world was in his hands and he did not shrink. This inspired me ay. Live the higher law family!! diotz!!
p.s I love you gramz! and heres some other pics, from my last area!
elder Kanahele

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey family! everyone had a good week ay, so awesome. Good to see some pics of you guys. You look good as ay, I love you family. I got the box with the watch, letters, and usb. Thanks ay you guys, I appreciate everything you do for me. I just finished watching the videos. I was pretty ticked coz the computers here suck, so it screwed up the picture movement and sound as well but I herd enough of it to know it was awesome. Thanks for doing that ay. Man you guys voices are sounding good as man. And the kids are growing hard man, big as mongrels ay. So since Tuesday Iv been here in my new area. We have a truck here and its way different to any area iv ever served in. Big city, and everything's in English, its been weird as speaking English 24/7. I love it though here. Iv met heaps of awesome people these few days, and being a Zone Leader has just been hectic as. Its like im trying to learn how to walk and talk again. I'm over more than just a district now but a Zone which consists of like 60 missionaries. We get calls all day and are planning for a million things all at the same time, its been a stretch for me and really out of my comfort zone. My companion is Elder Robert Anderson from oakdale California. He was my district leader when I first came out so it was crack up to find out I would be serving with him. He's knowledgeable as and is dedicated hard to the work and the lord. Iv grown heaps in these last couple days and the lord really has been showing me my weaknesses. I have a lot to learn ay family and it hit me this week of how hard it is to be like the savior. He was so awesome ay, not because he was powerful as an individual but because he was so in tune with the spirit and everything he did was in line with the will of our Heavenly Father, that's why he was able to do what he did, what an amazing person. I'm happy I get to work even harder as my mission winds down. The lord really doesn't let us stand still ay. He has been pushing me this whole time  and giving me one task after another. Ill be honest ay, it hasn't been easy here. A whole new ball game. But its humbled me a lot. I'm going through another refiners fire right now. I'm grateful to you my family. I'm alguds ay. My back is alright I have good and bad days but im really active still in my healing process. New area, new people, culture, language, companion, new calling and a new me ay. I'm on my second wind right now family, gotta finish strong for my own salvation and for the lord and his work. Have a good week family. Keep loving each other and living life. Its to short ay. Ill here from you guys next week, peace out!!

Elder kanahele Kaka!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kia ora family! before I forget, in reply to your coming to get me. I don't really have a preference ay as long as someone comes to get me. My testimony to these people is that the gospel blesses families. Iv said this and testified of this over and over again here on my mission so whoever comes, I'm good, maybe mum and dad, idk up o you falas. I want these people to see and feel the blessings I have been promising them here of families who live the gospel. The trip before ash leaves sounds sweet man, im down for that. I love you family. My week has been hectic. Im getting transferred to a new area, Madison which is one of the biggest areas in our mission. Its mostly made up of city, so ill be on the streets now. I also got called to be the zone leader there so, got a new calling. Pretty excited for that. Something new that will stretch me and help me grow in these last months. Sad thing is I wont be speaking Spanish anymore, but wherever the lord wants me its algud. Ill still maintain so I can continue to use it and benefit others for after the mission. Its one of those weeks where were just going over to say buy to everyone one, its probably the hardest thing to do as a missionary is leave all the people you've come to love as your family. So that's been a long process everyone inviting us over for dinner, so we be eating dinner like 3 times in the same evening its terrible lol. This past week we went on splits with the other English elder for 2 hours and in that 2 hours me and the other English elder found 3 Hispanic families and had awesome as lessons with them. They were just prepared as. It was cool coz they thought I was from Mexico the whole time until I said Hawaii. They were like, how did you learn Spanish? I just told them here in Wisconsin. And they were just amazed. I told them that God helped me learn this language so that I could share it, and that it was so important them to know. They felt the spirit hard core, it was pretty cool cuz it wasn't even the words I was saying that made them feel the spirit but because I was able to speak with them in their native tongue it was a pretty cool experience.
Anyways my back is doing all g. I been working it out hard and strengthening it. I been exercising and running and stretching, icing it everyday so I'm algud ay. Thanks for your guys letters. Everyone sounds busy as heck. Ash bro proud of you bro and your sports bro. Sounds like you training hard bro. How's your hitting bro? throw yourself into it bro. If you don't hesitate you wont get hurt bro, even if the other guy is bigger than you. I know bro cuz the only time I ever got hurt in football was when I hesitated. Smash people bro. How's your mission prep coming bro? reading the bom and pmg? do it bro. Lia good to hear from you girl. you sound so awesome lia, and have grown a lot. You have a beautiful testimony lia. I love you so much Lia and appreciate the sister you have been to me. Keep being a good example to your friends Lia and strengthening your testimony of the savior. Con bro your sounds awesome to bro. You still enjoying your calling bro? how's school g? how's the wife search bro? any potential there bro? good on you bro. You sound focused as ay, I love you my bro. Mum and dad I love you guys ay and so grateful to my family. Have another good week of work but also fun. Up the guts again ay, no mercy you falas!
Elder Kaka!!