Monday, August 19, 2013

Kahuku Vs St.Louis (08-17-13) 1st game of the Season

Kia ora family!! shot for your letters ay, massive!!
I had a pretty crack up week. lol made heaps of mistakes in my calling. Just giving out wrong information to missionaries about logistics, not doctrine or anything but it was crack up coz I had to add up all our numbers from the zone and it was crack up coz my mathematics were a little bit off haha my companion got a little frustrated at that but I told him that a few off numbers aint gonna stop the work from progressing or miracles from being wrought. haha fa Im dumb as ay. But as far as my testimony and drive to complete my duties to the lord have massively increased ay. Its been mean just having this calling and having to raise my standard even higher has alreay taught me a lot. Tomorrow is our Zone conference, so I feel keen as on just giving my general conference talk lol just throwing it down ya feel me? na but anyways Its been a awesome week. As a Zone Leader con that is exactly how I feel ay. Like how can I be helping these missionaries do and be successful if Im not. Me and my comp have been having some mean pep talks about this, and our goal is to lead the zone in baptisms. We have like 50 missionaries in our zone who are all under 6 months out and its crazy coz their all new and inexperienced, so our numbers are the lowest that they've ever been in history lol so a pretty good time for me to be here and help things change. Im all for it you falas. But im getting my groove here. Summers coming to an end and the winter will be rocking up pretty soon so, getting myself mentally prepared for that again lol. Thanks for motivating me you falas. Im here to win ay, Im gonna smash it these last few months. I love you falas. Awesome pic of the family, and Ashs football. Far bro you look tall as g. Proud of you bro, and your works. keep your trainings hard g. How's your strength on the weights g? you doing cleans and squats or wut? shot bro. I love all you guys. A cool talk I read this week said: " Not shrinking is much more important than surviving" " The savior did not shrink in Gethsemane or on Golgotha"
I saw this as, if you love the lord you cant give up, you cant stop reaching for perfection. If the savior did, life would be purposeless. The world was in his hands and he did not shrink. This inspired me ay. Live the higher law family!! diotz!!
p.s I love you gramz! and heres some other pics, from my last area!
elder Kanahele

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