Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey family! everyone had a good week ay, so awesome. Good to see some pics of you guys. You look good as ay, I love you family. I got the box with the watch, letters, and usb. Thanks ay you guys, I appreciate everything you do for me. I just finished watching the videos. I was pretty ticked coz the computers here suck, so it screwed up the picture movement and sound as well but I herd enough of it to know it was awesome. Thanks for doing that ay. Man you guys voices are sounding good as man. And the kids are growing hard man, big as mongrels ay. So since Tuesday Iv been here in my new area. We have a truck here and its way different to any area iv ever served in. Big city, and everything's in English, its been weird as speaking English 24/7. I love it though here. Iv met heaps of awesome people these few days, and being a Zone Leader has just been hectic as. Its like im trying to learn how to walk and talk again. I'm over more than just a district now but a Zone which consists of like 60 missionaries. We get calls all day and are planning for a million things all at the same time, its been a stretch for me and really out of my comfort zone. My companion is Elder Robert Anderson from oakdale California. He was my district leader when I first came out so it was crack up to find out I would be serving with him. He's knowledgeable as and is dedicated hard to the work and the lord. Iv grown heaps in these last couple days and the lord really has been showing me my weaknesses. I have a lot to learn ay family and it hit me this week of how hard it is to be like the savior. He was so awesome ay, not because he was powerful as an individual but because he was so in tune with the spirit and everything he did was in line with the will of our Heavenly Father, that's why he was able to do what he did, what an amazing person. I'm happy I get to work even harder as my mission winds down. The lord really doesn't let us stand still ay. He has been pushing me this whole time  and giving me one task after another. Ill be honest ay, it hasn't been easy here. A whole new ball game. But its humbled me a lot. I'm going through another refiners fire right now. I'm grateful to you my family. I'm alguds ay. My back is alright I have good and bad days but im really active still in my healing process. New area, new people, culture, language, companion, new calling and a new me ay. I'm on my second wind right now family, gotta finish strong for my own salvation and for the lord and his work. Have a good week family. Keep loving each other and living life. Its to short ay. Ill here from you guys next week, peace out!!

Elder kanahele Kaka!

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