Monday, August 5, 2013

Kia ora family! before I forget, in reply to your coming to get me. I don't really have a preference ay as long as someone comes to get me. My testimony to these people is that the gospel blesses families. Iv said this and testified of this over and over again here on my mission so whoever comes, I'm good, maybe mum and dad, idk up o you falas. I want these people to see and feel the blessings I have been promising them here of families who live the gospel. The trip before ash leaves sounds sweet man, im down for that. I love you family. My week has been hectic. Im getting transferred to a new area, Madison which is one of the biggest areas in our mission. Its mostly made up of city, so ill be on the streets now. I also got called to be the zone leader there so, got a new calling. Pretty excited for that. Something new that will stretch me and help me grow in these last months. Sad thing is I wont be speaking Spanish anymore, but wherever the lord wants me its algud. Ill still maintain so I can continue to use it and benefit others for after the mission. Its one of those weeks where were just going over to say buy to everyone one, its probably the hardest thing to do as a missionary is leave all the people you've come to love as your family. So that's been a long process everyone inviting us over for dinner, so we be eating dinner like 3 times in the same evening its terrible lol. This past week we went on splits with the other English elder for 2 hours and in that 2 hours me and the other English elder found 3 Hispanic families and had awesome as lessons with them. They were just prepared as. It was cool coz they thought I was from Mexico the whole time until I said Hawaii. They were like, how did you learn Spanish? I just told them here in Wisconsin. And they were just amazed. I told them that God helped me learn this language so that I could share it, and that it was so important them to know. They felt the spirit hard core, it was pretty cool cuz it wasn't even the words I was saying that made them feel the spirit but because I was able to speak with them in their native tongue it was a pretty cool experience.
Anyways my back is doing all g. I been working it out hard and strengthening it. I been exercising and running and stretching, icing it everyday so I'm algud ay. Thanks for your guys letters. Everyone sounds busy as heck. Ash bro proud of you bro and your sports bro. Sounds like you training hard bro. How's your hitting bro? throw yourself into it bro. If you don't hesitate you wont get hurt bro, even if the other guy is bigger than you. I know bro cuz the only time I ever got hurt in football was when I hesitated. Smash people bro. How's your mission prep coming bro? reading the bom and pmg? do it bro. Lia good to hear from you girl. you sound so awesome lia, and have grown a lot. You have a beautiful testimony lia. I love you so much Lia and appreciate the sister you have been to me. Keep being a good example to your friends Lia and strengthening your testimony of the savior. Con bro your sounds awesome to bro. You still enjoying your calling bro? how's school g? how's the wife search bro? any potential there bro? good on you bro. You sound focused as ay, I love you my bro. Mum and dad I love you guys ay and so grateful to my family. Have another good week of work but also fun. Up the guts again ay, no mercy you falas!
Elder Kaka!!

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