Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sup you falas! fa awesome as letters. My week was better than last week ay lol. Getting the hang of things. Zone Conference went mean as ay. Our Zone said it was the best conference they ever been to, no jokes. I was wondering after we gave our training how it went and then the president gave the whole zone an opportunity to stand up and share how they felt. Man it was mean as, It pumped me up even more to do the work. I str8 threw it down on their faces ay lol str8 up Book of Mormon to the face! haha but anyways family, Its been cool being a zone leader coz we go on exchanges all week long and so I get the chance to lift and inspire other missionaries and iv really felt accomplished doing that. My mission goal has been the become a patient person and it has improved a lot and is still improving heaps. Me and my comp had a little fight the other day but it was like the most dignified fight iv ever been in, like a spiritual fight it was crack up. I love my mission though family. So the family from my last area who were falling apart and what not, (don't know if you remember?) but they are back together and are preparing for baptism next month so I was very happy to hear that, and will get to go to that. But anyways, the coolest thing that Iv enjoyed in my new calling is the opportunity to join in with other leaders of the church; the president of the mission, stake presidents etc. Iv learned heaps from them, how to lead, just changing hte mind set, to thinking ahead, planning for yourself, with your comp, for your investigators, and for all the other missionaries and their area and investigators. Lol its heaps ay. I couldn't even remember my homework assignments when I was in school lol. But the lord has stretched me a lot and has lifted me to do a lot of hard things ay, and confusing things. That's me family, just finding my groove ay. Its coming though. We have heaps of people preparing for baptism right now so Il keep you posted. But I Love you guys and happy that you are trying to further the lords work over their. I Love it ay. The work in being hastened everywhere, and were apart of it. Keep going hard family.
Elder Kanahele

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