Thursday, December 26, 2013

@ Sia Tonga's Brothers Home
Hey family!! awesome as to hear from you guys ay! Everyone sounds awesome!!
Iv had a crazy start to my transfer so far!! its been crazy cuz the day I got here my GPS broke and so we've been lost as heck haha been feeling the way I did when I first started my mission lol humbling ay. It’s been storming hard snow and ice these past couple days and so church was cancelled yesterday. Me and my comp had sacrament in our apartment, lol it was pretty crack up! The roads are crazy right now with black ice and wot not and so we been taking it easy out there. We were using massive maps this week to get around, it was so ugly. I have a crazy story to tell you though. So 2 days ago me and my comp drove out to get all the Christmas packages from the mission office to our zone. One of the packages were for me and it had a GPS in it. to make a long story short I put it down for 15 seconds by the front of the car and finish loading in the rest of the packages and turn back to get my package not even 30 seconds later and it was gone. We were looking all around the car, in the snow and the package was nowhere to be seen. It was the weirdest thing. I had a feeling that someone stole it but we didn't see anyone around there take it in that short time. We spent like 40 minutes in this area just looking all around the building in places where a thief would hide it but nothing. We get in our car and have a prayer and immediately after the prayer we both got the impression that the GPS was stolen by the person of this white car that was also parked in the same parking lot. So random ay. We got out of our car and got talking to some random dude outside and found out the apartment number to this guy who owned this white car.
Picture emailed to me by Brian Neeley (Ward Mission Leader)
We go through the building to find this person , knocked on his door but he wouldn’t answer. We walk outside and as we were about to give up and leave, there just so happened to be a policeman that drove into the parking lot to drop someone off. We got talking to him and told him our sitch. He went and got this guy to come out of his apartment. He was a German guy. But he got this dude to open his garage and then searched in it and came out with my package. While all of this was happening me and my companion Elder Gibbs were sitting in the cop car watching all of this go down. It was so crazy ay. Had we not done all those things we may have never seen that package again. God really answers prayers for big things and even small things like us trying to find our GPS. It was a cool experience. 
     But anyways the ward that Im in is the best ward iv ever been in on my mission. This ward is so united and I can feel that miracles are going to happen here and im excited. I met the brother of Aunty Sia Tonga (uncle walters wife). It’s the Afeaki family who are in our ward. He remembers me from the football camps and also leading the haka at Kahuku lol so small this world ay.  he is here coaching for football and UW. I had dinner with them last night and it was just so good to be around some polys for once in my whole mission. But anyways family, the lord has been so merciful to me, he is amazing. I love you guys and so excited to hear from you on christmas.!! Gramz you better be there.

Elder Kanahele Kaka

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