Monday, September 23, 2013

Family @ Wes & Dalys Wedding
Hey family!! mean letters. Good to hear from you all. Thanks for the pictures ay. Fa you guys look mean! Ash sole varsity ah? sole that's mean uce. Good to see you guys ay. Looking tanned hard lol. Mum thanks for your experience that's awesome that you have been able to work under pressure. Something that's helped me out here is just having a good laugh ay lol. Wes wedding sounds like it went good. What's up with the pink? haha that's fob hard man lol, you guys looked awesome though . Cool that papa came to ashes game and that Ash did good. Dang bro when do you graduate g? Will I be home for that? Anyways family I don't have a lot of time to write today, We are busy as heck sussing crap out for transfers tomorrow. Our Zone is getting like 20 more new missionaries and several new areas opening up and so things are just even more crazy ay, fa its crack up trying to keep track of everything. My comp is getting transferred so Ill be training a new Zone Leader woiy shole lol. Na but things are all goods ay family. Had a crazy week. My comp has been sick to the stomach and bum so we been at the doctors getting him sussed. They had to stick their hand up his bum so it was pretty crack up. We are teaching an African family from Zambia. A family of 7. They found us one day when we were walking to an appointment so it was cool that they found us. We have been teaching them and they have been reading the Book Of Mormon and coming to church and preparing for baptism so its been a really spiritual experience. There poor as and don't even have any beds to sleep on. humbling experience to see them ay. Our struggle has been the word of wisdom so we are working to help them overcome that barrier. Lately we been also teaching broken families trying to fix their problems but who have a hard time consistently live the gospel. Its so evident that as soon as we stop living the gospel, as soon as we put our shields down, we fall and become unhappy. Iv seen it over and over again. In my studies this week trying figure out how to solve so many obstacles our investigators have, what to teach, and say that will help them I was comforted when I came upon a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants section 5:16 which says:  And behold, whosoever abelieveth on my words, them will Ibvisit with the cmanifestation of my dSpirit; and they shall beeborn of me, even of water and of the Spirit
 I realized that my investigators don't have to know everything, or have a perfect knowledge of all the things we teach. all I need to worry about is helping them feel the spirit and believe in our words. If they can no more than desire to believe, the lord says he will work with that small seed and nourish it in their lives. The spirit is the most powerful source in conversion, in changing your life, others lives and accomplishing what the lord wants. He can only work with us through the spirit. This week I wanna pay more attention to the spirit rather than what I should study, say and teach but rather follow direction God is already willing to give me. 
Anyway family that's me ay. Still learning, and growing. I got a lot to learn ay, but am willing to receive what needs to be taught to me as well, so I know the lord will continue to teach me. 
So awesome bout Jack henry, glad he can be an example to his family and all his non-member friends. Sweet opportunities for aunty nickie them ay mean. And Grams love you ya. Love you falas peace!
Elder kanahele!

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