Monday, September 30, 2013

Kahuku vs Kailua - Ash was da Man!!
Kia ora Family!! crack up letters man. Awesome expereinces ay with school, work, church etc. sole con uce, quien es tu amiga? ella parece una buena chica. tiene potencial? que chistoso sole sobre las dos chicas. digala que me mande una foto jaja! sole. Crack up family. So dad did you get a call from a lady the other day? Its a family in my ward that used to live in Laie and were born and raised with polys both her and here husband. For dinner they made chicken katsu, rice, one mean macaroni salad, and paini popo buggah was ono lidat. But they miss Hawaii hard, and grew up eating all the grinds. Tell them thanks cuz they been taking care of me. Its brother and sister wuehler. She wants the recipe to make poi mochi entoces mama puede darla the recipe gracias. 
Family I had a good week ay. A crazy one. We had mission tour this week and so it was another zone combined with us and me and my comp were In charge of all the logistics and the meeting program crap. It was crazy. We had a general authority come down to that, his name was Anthony Perkins of the seventy, but he was a spiritual giant hard. Last minute the presidents wife win ask me If I had a song I could sing, so right on da spot I went play and sing have you ever talked to God. It was pretty good ay. This meeting wasn't like any other, Elder Perkins recognized that the missionaries in our zone weren't being obedient, and one point of the meeting he randomly stopped and says " The spirit has been telling me to say this for the past 3 hours.....this group of missionaries are not prepared. Their is something that you haven't been doing to prepare for the spirit today. I have not been feeling the spirit here today" It was crazy ay, I was hit not because I have been disobedient or anything but because he was talking to my zone. Im their leader. The day before the meeting I was reading the Zone leader packet and one part says in it "you are responsible for the success or failure of your zone"  and at that moment I felt a burden of not preparing my zone enough to receive revelation from this apostle. I received a lot of great council and direction for myself, and all those I lead and teach, It was a mean time. One quick update about our mission. our president just made it a rule that no one can have any instruments!!! crazy ay, one my main tools in the work. All goods though this is gonna test and allow me to find other gifts that heavenly father has given me. After the meeting that day, I felt the spirit so strong this whole week and have seen plural miracles occur simply because I could recognize the spirit more in my work. Our African family is doing good. Her 2 sons went on the scout camp this week, so their is great progress there. Me and my comp are all G. We had to move out of our apartment this week so we been doing a lot of lifting and moving around. One cool thing with having a truck is we are able to move a lot of things. This past week we found heaps of furniture and beds on the side of the road and hulled them al over to our African family's house. They were stoked like the heck. And she told my at church yesterday, "elder Kanahelieelei(murdered my name lol) the bed is comfortable" lol crack up ay. Anyways family, gotta get going, my minutes are about to end, these computers suck, only give us 30 minutes. I love you guys ay, ash n lia keep doitzing it in your sports, con bro get marries g, mum I Love you and cant wait to hug you too, now my bodies soft lol, and dad bro your the mad ay love you g, keep singing bro to the death, I Love it ay. Get your voice ready, when you come well be singing to all my peeps bro, the trade mark ay lol. Shot family!!
Elder Kanahele Kaka

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