Monday, February 4, 2013

kia ora again family!! awesome letters as always. I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing so well and strong in everything. Its crazy how much people have decided to go on missions. Its so cool how it has really changed peoples goals and desires to serve the lord and man the lord really knows what he is doing. I love you my family and miss you guys so much too ay. I really am too tired at the end of the day and week to even get homesick and so I'm grateful that the lord has helped me be strong on my mission. The goal is to have no regrets ay family. Its one of my biggest fears in life, is regret. Something my branch president once told me is that the end of your mission is a reflection of the end of your life. The lord has blessed me from the beginning of my mission with a clear vision of my purpose and I can honestly say that its only been an up journey for me. Not that I haven't fallen and made mistakes, but there has really been nothing holding me back from getting back up and making a change. I know that the lord doesn't expect us to be perfect, but he expects us to get back up when we fall. Family Iv had a really awesome week. I finished reading the Book of Mormon again for my 3rd time. it was an amazing manifestation that the lord gave to me of its divinity. It wasn't after I prayed that day but through out the week, in lessons I was given opportunities to bear witness of it. I received plural times, strong, powerful, undeniable witnesses of it. I cant explain what that feeling is like, but as I continue to receive it, my testimony grows. I don't understand how people can fall away from the gospel after receiving that witness. The scriptures teach that their is no greater witness than that of God/ the Holy Ghost. Its more powerful than the manifestation of an angel or an angelic being, but we are all entitled as members to receive that same powerful witness, its a beautiful thing. I had a cool experience this past week with an investigator whom iv been teaching ever since I got here 6 months ago. Her name is Cecilia Bello and shes 65 years old. She has been off and on with us for a long time and shes had plural baptismal dates that have come and gone. Its really been a roller coaster for her but we just have refused letting her go for some reason. We had a lesson with her and the Senior couples in her home this past week and it was a miracle. The lesson we prepared to teach her was exactly what she needed to hear. We went in there and really listened to her, and discerned what she needed to hear and then we just really taught powerfully to those needs through our message. Something hit her that day and I saw a complete change in her countenance. We invited her to be baptized and with surety she said yes. She came to church this Sunday and she just has had like the scriptures say, "a wrought change" in her. The timing was right and the lord knew that she was ready to hear from us again and all we did was follow the spirit. I know the lord prepares his children to be ready to accept the gospel in his own time. I cant imagine what would have happened if we gave up teaching her. She was ready and the lord knew it. It was such a cool experience and I'm just too grateful to be a missionary to see moments like this happen in the work. I know she will be baptized and its the baptism that we've been waiting for. My companion and I continue to improve and grow together even though we've been together for so long. It hasn't been roses ay lol but con bro we do have some mean invetory's bro. Good constructive ones ay. Its corny but its so necessary. Things are all good here family. Been snowing hard out, but it ain't as bad as you think, everything all g. That was my week, the work is going we find and teach like crazy and are getting closer and closer to finding those who are prepared. I love you family ay, str8 up the bum you falas haha. Hope you all are still having jams still, its a beautiful things you falas. I love you guys like no other, my best friends. Man your my extra motivation to go harder and harder each week, to give a little more and more. I'm blessed to have you all, I cant imagine what it must be like for the other missionaries who don't have that. You falas have a mean as week with your sports, school, work and everything else. Dont give up!
Elder kanahlele kaka!!

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