Monday, February 25, 2013

Kia ora family!! fa its awesome to hear from you guys. Im here in my new area. We are given 20 minutes on the computers cuz we dont have library cards yet lol. This week has been a crazy one ay. Got my new companion fresh out of the MTC, his name is Elder Bryce Harper-Smith. Hes from mesa Arizona and hes a awesome dude ay. This week was a crack up. Our first day in we didnt even have a house so we just jumped in with the other elders here and slept on there ugly floor it was terrible. We got moved in the next day though but had a box full of crap for our house. We spent our first whole day pretty much building our house and everything in it lol it was a crack up first impression for my comp out on the mission. Our first 2 days we didnt even have toilet paper and we were just cracpping and cleaning our bums in the shower hahaha it was crack up. My comp was like "dang this is what the missions like!!!" haha but anyway our area is pretty much a 2nd mexico. Its just filled with them ay its crazy. We live in a huge city and we walk and catch the busses. Weve been lost as crap and I have no clue we we are half the time. We spend the 2nd half of our day trying to find our way back home lol. Im doing my best though to really learn the area fast so that we can just work effective. The lord really does know us ay and its so cool how he never has given me an opportunity to get comfortable in my mission. The mission really is the most uncomfortable place to be and things to do that are really just outside your comfort zone. But the thing is we grow doing uncomfortable things. I love that I get a whole new experience here and its nothing iv ever expereinced so far just being lost and really starting from ground zero again. I love my companion and I really am just drilling the crap out of him ay. Hes been in shock this whole week just getting into houses that looks like a herd of animals went through it and just walking in and teaching these people. This past week we found heaps of new investigators, and had heaps of new lessons. First week and we saw heaps of awesome things happen. Iv been way tired ay cuz we just walk hard out everyday in the snow and crap, with all our gears its crack up as cuz when we get into homes we look handsome az. Anyway though family I love you guys. Hope everyone is doing mean. I studied Jacob ch5 in the BOM today and it really hit me hard how all the prophesies and commandments of the lord are all being fulfilled. It talks about how the lord of the vinyard is laboring with the servant of the vinyard to prune and preserve of the olive trees because the end draweth nigh. It talks about how much worth every tree is to the lord and man its so true and how we are the few that were chosen in this last dispensation to prepare and prune the (trees of the vinyard) or the saints for the end wich shall surely come. The lord really has been along side me through thick and thin here on my mission and he really is our biggest fan in the work. The greatest joys of life are found in serving others. And the lord promises that we will have great joy in our labors. He is most interested in helping us fulfill his purposes. This calling means a lot to me ay family especially how close we are to the end. We will be judged also on how diligent we were in serving the lord in opening our mouths, and declaring the gospel to those around us. Thats me ay family, My missions mean, first week, only the begginning but got a lot of good ahead of us. Love you guys have a good week, here from you next week.

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