Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey family!! so good to hear from you guys ay. Crack up the snow over here ay. To be honest, every ones soft over here in terms of snow. Iv been alguds ay family, im the only one who hasent gotten sick. Iv been warm as, got the gears ay hahaha crack up. I just found out the other day that I'm getting transferred, opening up a new Spanish area in Milwaukee, training a new fala. I'm excited as heck for the new transfer, new goals and experiences, mean. Its been a crazy last week. Sad as to leave all theses people whom iv taught and grown with. Iv really built a great love for these people and know I was able to do my part with the time the lord had given me. I loved it completely ay, its been an amazing ride for me here in Kenosha. These past two days iv just been doing my good byes and last lessons to all those that we teach, man its like leaving home again. Milwaukee is gonna be good ay. No car, so ill be hiking hard in the snow hoohoo beautiful ay. Had a awesome week though family. Its just been a huge reflection as I prepare to depart, for me looking at my area, my investigators, my branch, my companion and really evaluating myself and the works that I produced in the lords time. I really feel like Iv given the lord my all and hes blessed me with a sense of peace and comfort and contentment with the outcome of everything here. I love my mission so much, and I love all the people that I serve, Its been a real special time for me and Im so happy ay family. Every soul really is great in the sight of god and I feel that for the people here. We have our baptism with Cecilia and her granddaughter coming up next week and I wont even get to be here for it cuz my area is to far away, but algud ay. Yesterday I went and sang to all my investigators and they were all emotional ay, its so cool to watch people progress spiritually and its found so abundantly out here in the service of the lord. Its the same joy the lord has in our success and when we make right decisions, its awesome. But family, that's me ay, just trying to walk the talk. You falas sound awesome as. Sounds like everyone else is dying over there ay terrible Hawaii diets thats why lol wassup with that, life really is short ay but only the beginning step to our eternal glory. Thanks for everything family, Ash bro do track bro, youll learn crap that you don't learn at football practice, like how to run properly. You can always do football crap and do ladders, track it up i say bro, but do your thing g. Proud as heck of you bro, I love you ash ay your ma man bro, awesome that you are so determined to get good grades bro, your changed hard bro. And lia volley ay? dang girl you are growing up man. That's crack up that your hanging out at the center seeing Conway haha our community is so small theres no where to hide ay, haha. Love you lia. Con bro, your man to g. Dang doctor kaka undies that's crack up. Im proud as of you ma bro, spiritual giant hard ay. You've helped me so much in my mission bro, through your example, I love you bro, the mission really is but a dream ay and I'm living every moment even to the very last day of every transfer. Mum and dad I love you too ay. Man the family means 100 times More to you when then not there. thanks for being awesome parents. I have such a great life, spoiled and blessed. That's why I'm so passionate about how much the gospel really can bless families because my own family is a walking testimony of it. Thank you so much, love you all ay. I don't have much time today on the computers but Ill hear from you next week, love you falas, lets do it again ay, doitz!!!
elder kanahele!

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