Monday, March 4, 2013

Kia ora family!! Had a awesome second week here in Milwaukee. Its a huge city and its been the biggest crack up trying to remember streets and their names. We are lost half the time but finding our way around better each day. The bus systems are crazy man, well be walking fast as heck to a bus stop and well see the bus coming from a far. My 2nd wind will kick in and we just start sprinting to make the busses before they pass by its the most crack up thing. We do this all day long just to get from point A to point B. At the same time the snow has been coming down hard and its been cold as the mother. With all of these things its been the greatest week of my mission. Even though it was freezing and windy we worked our butts off and were lead to heaps of people. My leaders had to ask us how we had so many lessons and found so many new investigators, I told them we are just out when were supposed to be and working and were obedient. The spirit realy is felt all day and the promise that the lord will give you in the moment what ye shall say has been fulfilled so many times and I have a testimony first hand of obededience and that with the spirit miracles will happen for you in the mission field no matter who you are or where your serving. its been such a awesome week. My companion and I get along real well I love him and its been a pleasure for me to share with him all things that Iv learned up to this point in my mission. I took your advice con and have really treated him as if he were really my own brother which he is and I really find myself being and leading with more Christlike love and really just the desire to offer him everything I know and cherish. Its been awesome. We were out tracting this week and tracted into a home that was at the time having a family gathering. We got in and taught this whole household of people the restored gospel and had a powerful lesson. I have become so passionate and have developed unconditional love for the savior and his work that I truly am willing to do anything to bring this message to his other children even if it means stepping way out of my comfort zone and doing the hard things. We recieved 15 new investigators from this lesson and they felt the spirit so strong it was truly the highlight of my week. The work has been awesome and our progress is moving rapidly upon our efforts to work. iv been spending heaps of money since iv been here especially with the huge increase of missionaries this month we were pretty much just left to die in our apartment. I had to use heaps of money and I bought myself a new suit aswell lol cuz my other grey one does not fit me at all. Sorry you falas im probly running you dry ay lol. I love you guys though so much and iv grown closer with you all being so far away its crazy. Im so happy we all have a special love for each other and are so strong in the gospel, its what allows me to bear such a powerful testimony of how the gospel blesses families, because I know that it does cuz it has, and we contiunue to be blessed as we remain faithful to our covenants and obligations to follow and be, even as Jesus was perfect. Ash bro thanks for writing me g, it means a lot to me ay bro. Tearing it up out there bro, im so proud of you. Lia you to girl, your guys testimonies have grown so much, Im a proud brother. I love you falas, thanks for your support, your love and guidance. Iv never been more happy, im enjoying the blessings of the spirit here and im continually moving foward in my growing desire to serve more effectively everyday. Have a mean week you falas.
Elder kanahele

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