Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kia ora falas!!
mean as letters. I don't have a lot of time to write. But Ill start by saying my week has been crazy!! So Im now serving in Janesville In an English area but we just opened up a Spanish area and I'm training a new missionary now who was called to speak English but just this month was changed to speak Spanish. Its been crazy getting moved all over the place but you know me ay just going with the flow, aint no thing to me lol. A lot of good opportunities opening up all over the mission and my president is just tossing me like its no body's business haha. But so this past p-day after we had sports my pres calls me up and says "go home your leaving Milwaukee in an hour" str8 up had to leave my boys. Its been an awesome week though ay family. The very next day was district meeting so I was put on the spot to give this meeting to a whole bunch of other missionaries iv never met and was able to put to the test all the things Iv learned and it was an awesome experience for me and being able to step to the plate when the lord needs me. My new companion is from Nashville tennacy, elder Jonathan liferth. The most diligent, and knowledgeable guy iv ever met. We had a week of miracles. He is new to the area, I'm new, and the only Spanish he knows is the Spanish I teach him each day. However hes positive as heck, humble and open to the spirit and we've seen miracles. Our first week we found two families and have 5 people preparing for baptism. Things are just going so well here and wherever I'm at,the lord has had a purpose for me. I had some really spiritual experiences this week with watching and learning from my companion. We have a lot of work to do here and building up a branch for the Hispanics. Theres like 20% of them that make up a portion of the population here so we are trying to be as tactic as possible with finding them. The snow is still coming hard so no change their lol. But yea I got my suite hemmed for free from a member in the branch in Milwaukee and wore it yesterday, I looked sexy as, cant believe I'm a missionary right now haha na. But anyway family, Im doing really good. Ash sole your suit looks prime rib dog. Shole you is growing up ah!!  mean bro, who you going wit dog? have fun uce, I love you ash. Con sole gues wut?? sole im serving wit elder brunsvik right now!! hes actually sitting right next to me in the library, that girl is his sister oiyoiy small world ah! that's crack up though bro. Mum and dad that's crazy 23 years ay?? oiy thats so awesome man. We have an amazing family ay. My comp told me this morning that as missionaries we give up our families for 2 years so that other families can live for eternity. Its such a special calling to be here and I really do cherish it everyday. I cant explain how much of a miracle my mission has been for me but I can see Gods plan so clearly and I see the blessings everyday from it in my personal life. I love you falas ay. mum girl keep going hard!! remember "if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" "the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory" smash it up the gutz mum, you got this.. lol na but love you all falas, love you so much lia. have a mean week!!
elder kanahele

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