Monday, March 25, 2013

hey family!! To start off, I just wanna wish you a happy birthday ma brotha ash!! your the man G, i love you uce, proud as heck to be your brother. You have exactly a year until you turn 18 bro and can go on a mission!! dang that is just crazy bro, it feels like it was just yesterday I was home and making you falas cry lol haha sorry bout that bro! now your a big boy ay going to prom oiyshole! mean bro, well see if you can take me on when I get home!! haha love you ash ay bro have a mean day, if I had some money id hook you up but I ain't got crap! Mint as prom suit bro, looking sexy as the mother! good on you ash bro. Your date looked real good to bro, mean! that was fun ay? you get a kiss bro? haha shot g. Anyway family!! good to hear from you falas again. I had a mean as week ay. This week we just seen miracles with the Spanish work. We are finding and teaching families like its no body's business. We had a less active come back to church and their daughter got baptized that same week. It was crazy cuz we had like 3 days to put together their program, talks and the ordinance which the dad has never performed. We had a crazy day yesterday at the baptism cuz no one showed up to do their parts haha so we had to fill in all the gaps it was crack up. The mission definitely stretches you ay lol doing uncomfortable things has just become the norm for me at this point lol. But was a awesome week ay family. I got to go on exchanges with elders in my district who both have 2 months left on their mission but are a bit trunky. I was able to be with them for 2 days and the result was a rekindle for them of how precious our time is as a missionary and that miracles will happen till the very last day, minute and second on our missions and that the lord has planned to use every piece of this time. My time is precious to me ay family, really precious, and I was able to help them see that for their own missions and the small time they have left to perform great things. Our Spanish work here has shot up like crazy and we have been teaching, finding and preparing a lot of people. Iv gained a testimony of d&c 4. the field is white and its ready to harvest. It isnt an easy harvest and iv experienced that, but it doesn't matter where you are serving the message remains the same and the lord will hasten his children to hearing our message. Iv seen it from the beginning till now how the lord prepares every needful thing for both the missionaries and the hearer and I love it ay. Its not an impossible work, but there's nothing that Iv ever received so much satisfaction from. I love my misson family, the lord blesses me everyday with clearer eyes in seeing how precious our message is and its helped me see more clearly my purpose and how I can be the lords hands for the people here in Wisconsin. That's me family, just doing work, and living the dream of being a missionary, its a good life. I love you guys, have a good week!!
p.s dad bro Im str8 up good ay, watches are good enough! thanks!

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