Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy belated birthday lia!! i love you girl! hope you had a good birthday ya, you've been such an awesome sister to me and I'm so grateful for all that you continue to do for me while I'm out here serving the lord. It means so much to me, beautiful lia. And ash ma man, so proud of you and your sports bro, hope you had fun out there playing at that level, you da man. Your b-day coming up to ay bro, mean! have a good one bro, the older you get, the more responsible you become and the closer you get to your mission ay bro. dang that's crazy bro, hows your prep coming bro? reading the book of Mormon? get on that bro. Anyways though family, so good to hear that you guys are just always doing good and always busy and its the same here on my end. just a quick one before I forget. You falas don't worry bout the boots, cuz winters pretty much coming to an end. That's crack up bout the shave ice lol dumb buggers. Anyway though my letter will be fast today. The library here don't offer us much time on the computers so sorry if my letters dumb. My week was a awesome one ay. Iv been training 2 elders this week, the new elder is from Guatemala. We had a awesome week ay. The Weather has been crazy but the work has still been crazy busy. The miracle of the week was with a family that we been teaching. They are from puerto Rico but their house is pretty much like a zoo. 100 people live there and they have kids running around like crazy. We had planned a full on lesson for them but it was impossible to teach with all the distractions. I had to tell everyone several times to turn off the tvs, music, shut the doors and dang it was just difficult to feel the spirit ay. I got the meanest prompting to just stand up and str8 King Benjamin everyone ay lol. So I did! I stood up and just with a loud voice got every ones attention. They just looked at me and shut their mouths. I bore my testimony to them all and told them they needed desperately our message, that what we had to share was the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that the message and teachings through living them was our only way back to God. The spirit hit them hard ay cuz the house was in complete silence in an instant. We taught them the message of the restoration and the spirit was powerful in there. My 2 companions were just blown away and after that lesson you could just see there excitement in moving the work forward. Its been humbling for me to be with them and learning how to be humble again and always so open to learn. Iv learn a great deal from all my companions and have taken so many strengths from them that continue to build my character and my testimony. I love the experience and the work itself. I love you guys too family. I'm always so happy and satisfied to know that you guys are blessed and receiving the blessings of the gospel. I didn't get cons letter but all g. Love you guys and I pray you guys continue to have good and improving weeks. We must be changing and improving everyday. Have a mean week you falas and know that I'm going hard always and trying to improve and sacrifice more for the lord everyday.

 Elder kanahele

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