Monday, April 1, 2013

Kia ora family!! Happy Easter!! Sounds like you guys had a good one both physically and spiritually, that's beautiful! I love you guys ay. Thanks for your testimonies, it strengthens me hard out ay. That's cool con got to go see koal, he wrote me the day he was getting released, really strong testimony, sounds like he really served an awesome mission. Tell the dude I said sup dawg!! lol but anyways family so good to hear from you all again, its my refresher for the beginning of my weeks, it's played a big part in me being able to focus through out the whole of my mission so thank you so much family. My Easter was so awesome. theirs a family we've been teaching the Torres family, they straight up speak only Spanish so its been a battle trying to get them to come to our English ward. We are working to build a branch where only Spanish speakers are, but for now our obstacle is trying to get all our Hispanics to come to church which is filled with white dudes. Pretty intimidating for them and even for me ay but its been the coolest experience seeing how the lord is really making up for the lack of resources that we have and really providing a way for us to accomplish his work here. We've been able to establish classes for them. teachers, translators from members that served Spanish missions and really have just worked from scratch. So this family that we've been teaching are really progressing and its been a spiritual battle helping them overcome small and large obstacles. This past week we felt impressed to teach them the Plan of Salvation and it was a mean lesson. It was inspired because they came to church this Sunday and it all fit perfectly with Easter and what we've been teaching them. They received huge growth in their testimonies of the gospel. We were also able to get a lot of less active Spanish families to come to church and we had a huge Spanish turn out. I saw my investigators in a whole other light ya know. Just seeing them becoming converted to the gospel and receiving all the ordinances of the gospel Its the pure love of Christ that accompanies the calling that allows us to see good people as better people, and greater people with the potential become Gods. I had to translate for all of them as well during the meetings and it was stressful as heck but it all worked out ay. This area has really stretched me for sure and its been awesome how the lord has allowed me to mold to those specific tasks and help me achieve them. My companion has really taught me a lot ay. We are two very different people but Iv learned that any two people living the gospel and who are obedient can make things work in the lords way. I love my mission for this ay and whats cool is iv seen it work through out our own family's life and so its a testimony that I already have but that has been strengthened and nourished even more. Thanks for your sacrifices family. never do I forget the things you are doing to make it possible for me to be here doing the lords work. Thanks for helping me do this for him. Thanks lia for your love girl, love you so much lia, your a good girl, I Miss you a lot ya. Your testimonies are getting strong as man, so awesome. Ash bro, read the book boi, prep as much as you can bro, arm yourself boi! Con bro, your the man g! str8 up the guts bro lol. Mum and dad love you guys so much ay. go hard family, lets do this crap!!
p.s cant believe you falas left mum doing the shave ice by herself, sad dudes ow dont do that ever gain! love you mum
elder kanahele, shot bro!

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