Monday, April 8, 2013

Kia ora you falas!!
mean as conference ay. Mean letters family, thanks. I was cracking up hard reading all your letters ay. Classic as sleeping through conference, farting, crack up. That part of me hasn't changed, i be farting in some of our lessons its crack up lol. Awesome though family sounds like you all got heaps out of the conference. I cant believe I use to sleep and not pay attention to conference back in the days haha. The general conferences out here have just been the hugest confirmations and turning points for my testimony, and that God does live and his church continues to run upon prophets and Apostles, Jesus Christ at the head of it. Just like you all I received so much good from it. I received a lot of answers that strengthen me today. Just a quick story so we received a referral from one of the members a couple weeks ago but she didn't have the address so we were just thinking "how the crap are we supposed to find this person if we have no clue where she lives" anyways so we were out working last week and actually tracked into her!! it was crack up. we got talking to her at her door and I ask her what her name was and she said "suyapa" i was like "it cant be the same one were thinking of" but na it was the referral the member gave us. It was so cool ay but anyways so we had a lesson with her in her home with her family and it was mean!! There whole family showed up to conference yesterday along with some other investigators that we are teaching. Its crazy how much success we have had in such little time and with such little resources. When we all arrived to the chapel with our peeps there was nothing set up for our Spanish people i was ticked ay cuz the white dudes don't give a rats so its been hard with no support sometimes. So I had to figure out how to get the system going lol oiyoiy trouble shooting so'o you know how terrible I am with technology ay haha but some how miracle were wrought and I got it to work. Awesome as time to be a missionary right now ay family with the work just moving about so rapidly through out all the world its a beautiful thing. Conferences have meant so much more for me having my investigators there. These people are my family out here in the mission and I treat them with the same love and passion I have for you my family. Its helped me endure my time here and to really hold nothing from the lord. my biggest question going into conference was why has my patience decreased when I have given my all to become more Christlike? and What more can I do to develop the patience I need to be a better missionary? Iv been asking these questions for the last 6 months and its bothered me cuz Im trying so hard to seek and do what the lord wants. I came to the conclusion that its not that my patience has decreased but my passion and desire for the lord and his gospel has increased so much that its hard for me to accept when others reject our message. Dean m. Davies talked about building a sure foundation. He said that balance plays a huge role in building this foundation and I then realized that my patience level needed to be balanced more towards the level of the other strengths that iv acquired through my experiences here. In other words in order to produce more fruits we need to strengthen our roots. if our roots are strong, it will hold up all the fruits we produce. Those roots are the Christlike attributes. Obtaining the Christlike attributes is my lifelong goal ay family and you all know its my patience that needs work lol "just found that out now" haha na but so I have a better vision on what more I can do to become a greater servant for the lord. I love the gospel and what its done for my family. I love you guys so much and im trying to change every day to be better. We should never cease to progress if we expect to live with God again ay. Shot family doitz!!
Elder Kaka

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