Monday, April 15, 2013

Kia ora family!! man awesome as letters! I love it!

Everyone sounds mean! I cant tell you how happy that makes me and proud as I am out here. I have no worries about you guys and I know you guys are strong and continuing to grow together, its a awesome feeling. Thanks for that you guys. A lot has changed in the church since Iv been gone and Iv noticed it like a soar thumb as a missionary. Good changes ay. The bar has been raised in every way and I love it. My mission has been my life changer. Every week I feel like I'm being converted more and more to the lord. Iv realized that you can really measure a persons love for the lord by their willingness to sacrifice things of the world to come closer to him and his son Jesus Christ. Every week I feel my willingness to sacrifice more has grown and it makes me think of what was said at general conference, that "at the depths of pain and anguish the lord stood strong for us, lets stand strong for him" We all need to be standing strong for the lord because he needs us most now then ever. We really do live in the last days and and its crazy to think that we've been chosen at this time of earths existence to take the gospel to every nation tongue and people. The general conference has done a lot of good for our whole work aspect and Iv really been taking advantage of the teachings both in my own personal life and in helping the members here fulfill their call to duty. I cant explain how confident I am in the lord right now in building a Spanish branch here in Janesville. Iv been thinking a lot lately of the miracles the lord has done since the beginning of time for our book of Mormon missionaries and prophets converting, cities, kings, and even the most vilest of sinners. If God was able to provide for all these his servants than why not for us his servants now in building this branch. I know the lord doesn't change and his miracles never seize but it is the faith of the world that have caused those miracles to not be seen and even in the mentality of missionaries. The lord is capable of performing great things and so we should have our faith be brought to believe that great things can and will happen to those who have faith. I bring this up because we haven't received this support in means of building this branch even amongst other missionaries. Despite of that, we have had crazy things happen, activating almost all of the less-active Hispanic members here, preparing for translating in all three meetings, and even Spanish classes for the 2nd hour while our investigators are here. We are working to get them all activated and working towards temple prep, and becoming strong converted members. We even got them to come to the conference which has been the steroid of our growth in this vision of a branch. All our Hispanics are excited and great things are happening here family. I'm grateful to be a son of God and for the ability and potential he gives to all of us to do great things. Its in our nature to do these great things, all he asks is we have faith in his son. My goal has been to strengthen the roots of our ward wrapped in this goal that we have to form this branch so that our members, the roots will be able to hold the fruits (the converts we bring). Things are going family. I love you guys and am proud of you and the missionary work you have done already with our extended family and everyone else. Greater joys and blessings will continue to flow in our home as we partake in the lords greatest glory and purpose which is to bring his other children to the truth of his love and gospel. His miracles never seize, and he never seizes to be a God of miracles. Love you all!

elder kanahele

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