Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey family! mean pics man!! fa I just wanna come home now hahaha na jokes lol that's mean Ranas back. Time just flies aye hoohoo mean. ye Jack told me he was done and going home, so cool, probably way different I can imagine. So cool that our families are still gathering together, times I will never forget. Sounds like everyone had a mean holidays and week, fa beautiful. I cant believe Stace got married! lol tell that chick I said hi! You falas still doing band stuff ay dad? mean bro. Glad every one's doing good ay. Con bro surf so'o ah? mean bro vacations haha, sounds like you had a good trip, hows your dating and marriage seeking going? any potential investigators? shuah! lol You guys all look awesome in your pics ay, good looking family man! handsome as! Mum Im happy that your getting through your schooling strong, your the bomb ay mum. Can you still do my homework's when I get home? haha
Any way though I also had a mean week you falas! Got to go to the Chicago temple again and do a session, it was mean. Here in Janesville pretty much 90% percent of the members are doctors so everyone is rich and feed us food for the kings lol. Somethings wrong with my system coz I cant eat as much as I used to but I'm still fat lol any suggestions? Our goals in building the branch are just improving weekly its been a joyous hard working process. This Sunday we had our own class filled with investigators and less-actives. For now I'm the teacher but its been awesome being able to teach the class cuz I str8 up give commitments and invite people to be baptized and everything in the class lol its pretty effective. This Sunday they also asked us to give talks in church on Small and simple things. Another awesome opportunity I had to throw it down on the ward wake them up to smelling the roses lol. Na but its just been a very prosperous week ay family. Every new investigator we've found has been through our members and less-actives so we've been finding a lot of quality people to teach and have a lot of big gaols we are setting. The members have been really noticing the fruits of our labors and the bishop actually is considering doing more for us in the Spanish program the egg. We are being patient and are just working with what the lord has given us and great things are happening. I have a testimony that anyone can be successful no matter the circumstances if they are faithfully obedient to what the lord has asked. Great things have happened for me on my mission as Iv focused on the small things like faith in Jesus Christ and obedience. Such simple principles that allow us to receive the greatest blessings of our heavenly father. Love you falas, my times up, hear from your next week. Have a strong week aight!!

Elder kaka

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