Monday, April 29, 2013

que pasa vatos locos (which means kia ora falas in espanol)!! haha how you guys doing ay?? beautiful letters! good as to hear from you all ay. Im happy to hear you putting some weight on ash and lifting hard g. How much you benching? lol shot bro. Hopefully you can be stronger than me by the time I get home lol 2 years of not lifting. So koal is back at byuh ay lol mean! no time to waste, mean!! I better shape up with my body so I dont look like a old man ay when Im done lol anyways I got your box mum:) thanks ay, I love you! I been eating my lollies hard out haha and we had musubis for dinner last night and left overs for breakfast this morning, was mean! I use all the things you send me so thanks a lot ay. I eat like a king all the time ay, none of this microwave crap. Sraight up feasting always. lol but anyways that's cool that you guys got to go to the temple together. How blessed are we to have the temple literally in our backyard ay, in sight even. Iv grown to appreciate the temple so much out here in the mission not being able to go there so often, it being 3 hours away. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place ay where everything is just so great, easy going and convenient. I'm also grateful to know that our family is so blessed to be able to run the shave ice and at the same time do missionary work, a huge blessing and comfort to me that the lord is taking care of you all in every aspect of life. Its awesome cuz I never really have to think about you guys, I know that if im doing my part the lord will do his for you guys back home, and he has. biggest blessing for me as a missionary.
Anyways though, I had a awesome week ay! was hectic as the mother and just glad its p-day today. We had 8 investigators at church and had enough people to have all 3 hours in a separate Spanish meeting for them. Me and my comp have had to coordinate all the classes, translating situation and organizing lessons for them. Yesterday was our first trial run for doing all of that in one Sunday and.. it was mean!! our investigators enjoyed it hard and received massive growth. Its just a miracle getting everyone to church ay through the week first motivating them to go and then organizing all their ride situations, a lot to be thinking and doing ay. Its been another time for me of actively working and being given greater opportunities to grow. For now I am the elders quorum leader for our Hispanics but its been cool cuz the lessons I have correlated with what we have been teaching our investigators through out the week and its helped them to fit all the principles we've taught them in with the lessons taught in church. Its been so cool and we continue to see the fruits of our labors. Every week we work with our less-active Hispanics and its been a treat seeing them slowly come back to church, renew their baptismal covenants and just making things right with the lord. My goal here isn't to band-aid our people but to strengthen the roots so that when I leave their foundations are strong enough to face the waves of life that come at them. I'm loving my area here and just seeing so much great things happen. I love my companion elder lifferth, a awesome missionary, smart and on to it and together we've just been able to accomplish a lot. I love my mission you falas. Im having heaps of fun, growing spiritually and trying to benefit from everyday. You guys have been a huge support in all of this both before and during. Love you guys heaps man. I feel so bad i haven't written gramz in like 6 months lol tell her I'm sorry, i still love her and that imma write her. Okay family until next week, 2nd wind, up the guts ay doitz!!
p.s dad bro im alguds ay bro, im gonna be buying me some new gears bro, all my shoes are ripping and things just look like crap so ill just buy em here since im in america lol but just letting you know. sorry ay, you falas financially stable now days? lol let me know love you

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