Monday, May 6, 2013

Conway in Kauai

Kia ora you falas!! so good to hear from you guys ay!! mint as letters!! thanks for them ay, they really do inspire me so much. The mission really is so short and I realize that every time a transfer ends. It just flies and so does life itself. This morning I was thinking about how short the mission is compared to the length of our lives on earth and its nothing. I really do wanna say at the end of my mission that I used that small part of my time as a servant, serving the lord with all heart and mind and power that I could. But then I also think in that same sphere, how short this life is compared to eternity, there is no comparison between the two. Our whole lives should be treated this way ay, because this life is our mission, its short. I think about how short of a time we have to spend together as a family before we all go off into families of our own and its too short. I never thought the day would come that id finally be out on a mission and its just like a dream being here. Our experiences with each other to teach, learn and grow with each other will never come again in the same away before the next life. Time is what iv really come to see, is so precious. We should be using this time wisely ay. My mission up to this point really has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I know its gonna be done before I know it. its been a life changing experience for me ay family, and I cherish it. Every day I recognize that I use something that I learned from my family, as a son and as a brother. iv been blessed here because of you guys ay and because of everything I learned that prepared me to be a missionary during this time in these last days. Its so cool that heavenly father chose our family to live at this time in the last dispensation. He trusted us enough to be a tool in building his kingdom to finish off the journey strong. The Restoration really happened and every promise the lord has given to us since the world began is being fulfilled now. Its so crazy how our prophets and apostles today have become so bold about the fact. Everything in the church and the spreading of the gospel has changed to fit these promises given to us by the scriptures. Sorry for explaining da life but its true you falas.
Anyway my mission is going really good, transfers are next week, so ill let you know what happens. I'm good ay, healthy, strong, sexy as, eating good all the time and im taken good care of here. My skin is all g ay, my teeth? oiy shole i don't know bout dat one. should probably get that one checked out. But ye na thanks mum and dad for everything ay, the boxes. I really don't need anything, your letters are enough. When I need something, i just buy it lol hows my funds going? Anyway mum that's so cool bout your schooling, almost done girl, finish this crap off. you need to be done so you can help me when I get home. I miss you falas to ay, you guys are awesome parents mum and dad, thank you. Ash, Lia, and Con love you guys to ay, my best friends. Keep going hard you falas in everything, don't give less than your best. Nothing new here for me ay, just plugging along with our peeps! Con bro good on you g, who ever marries you bro make sure shes good enough for you ay, else ill smash her! send me some pics! alright you falas! Hey mum no I didn't forget bout mothers day!! im trying to find a member who has Skype. Ill let you know this week when ill be calling home either on skype or phone!! love you mum!
elder kanahele! doitz it!

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