Monday, May 13, 2013

Ash & Lilia's Performance - Vocomotion Kahuku 2013
Kia ora you falas! fa it was awesome to see you all yesterday ay! man what a treat. Its a blessing having technology ay even though it screws up lol. It was awesome as to hear your guys voices, man I love you guys ay!! crack up as to talking with you all. Speech was alguds ay. I was just happy to see you guys. I love you mum, hope you had a good mothers day. In sacrament yesterday I was just thinking of all the things you've done for me. You've done so much mum and I already knew that before but I see it more so now. Thank you so much mum and love you girl, there would be no reason for us kids not to be good after receiving everything you have given us in our lives. You guys make it so easy for me to be here, thanks! I Don't have a lot to say either ay. I'm refreshed hard as well and just keen as the mother on continuing the work. You guys all look so good, tan as the mother ya beach bumbs! lol I figure since I'm white az, I make up for that with my handsomeness lol. Thanks Grandma for being there, it was good to see you too. You've been a awesome grandma I love you.
Ash bro I'm impressed with your muscles bro, proud of you ay G, also that you get to go to soar, have a good one bro and use your talents. I took a guitar when I went so you could do that too. Lia have fun at EFY, you are growing man fa already at that stage ay. Your awesome Lia don't let the boys hit on you k. Love you family ay, have a mean week, thanks for motivating me. Up the gutz again to the end ay, doitz!
p.s con bro wassup bro, no letter g? haha alguds bro, just find a wawhini bu! let me know how your dating sitch goes this week with aunty!
elder kanahele!

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