Monday, May 20, 2013

Kia ora you fallas!! mint as letters ay!
looks and sounds like everyone had good hard week. Mum still doing your portfolio ay never ending with you girl lol! good on you mum. Fa that's crazy that wailea graduated, time just really moves so fast. Its cool to see all the family together still doing things ay. Its a good view from my perspective. Give aunty gretch and her kids my love as well, I love that family. Ash bro that's tight g, back into training ay. Hows your weight and lifting goals going? still going for it bro? let me know g. Lia how you doin girl? surfing so'o or what? lol good on you lia, thanks for your guys letters ay. Con bro oiy shole to aunty bro, where she from? she got the qualities you looking for? mean bro. Your pics are too mean! that's crack up bout helmet bryan bro. That's so tight bro too that you are still having awesome spiritual experiences and are using the tools the lord has given you to build his kingdom. Its a satisfying feeling ay, your the man con, thanks g. I'm happy as that everyone is doing good and are happy.
As for me im doing really good ay. Started another transfer and its all on. My new companion is elder Luis Ramirez Crisanto, hes from wahaka mexico and is str8 up Mexican to the days. Hes was raised in Chicago but his lingo is mint as. So far its been awesome ay, he reminds me heaps and acts just like a poly. We get along real well and the work is gonna move forward I feel at a faster paste so I'm happy bout that. Hes been a convert to the church now for a year and is the only member in his family so hes really made some huge steps in his life to be here. Hes humble as heck and really just relates to the people we are teaching because he was right in their shoes not to long ago. Hes got a lot to offer so I'm grateful as I get to serve and learn from him spiritually and the language. my speaking ability has already shot up heaps just being with him ay its crazy. So we both don't have our license so we had to give the car to the other elders in our area so we are on our feet now this fine hot summer lol. So his first week here we've just been getting lost as. The roads are way different when your on the bus ay and just knowing how to time everything, locations and all the people that we want to see. It was crack up cuz his first day we ended up on like the other side of Wisconsin and I was just telling him "ye I know where were at lol" not even. But its getting better, starting to get more familiar with how to get to places. The summer is starting to heat up real good so Ill probably be looking anorexic. But as for the work, I'm still going strong ay family and trying to raise my standards as my understanding of how to be more effective increases. My goal is just to continue improving and giving more to the lord as my time out here begins to diminish. Right now I cant imagine not being a missionary and I cant fathom what it will be like to take my tag off. I understand now what con must have felt like when he came home and was released and its scary as heck ay. I'm really gonna soak up all the time I have left and finish the battle strong for the lord. I love my time here, the joys that are felt and all the understanding that is gained in taking the steps Jesus took when he was here. Its our only way to light and understanding ay, is to walk as he walked and do as he did and really now is my time to do that. What a awesome time to be a missionary. The lord continues to give me tasks that really don't give me anytime to slack or slow down. So things are going family, hope you all have a successful week, keep digging deeper to be better and improve with this time the lord has given us to prepare.
Elder Kaka

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