Monday, November 19, 2012

This is Elder Kaka's Letter from 11-12 -12
que pasa mi familia!!! todo bien conmigo!! la obra es facil jajaja na
hows it going family!! thats pretty much all the spanish i know right there lol. Thanks for your mean letters, fa you guys look awesome man!! dad bro, looking tight their bro!! hoohoo mean man, good on you dad, still showing up the young G's ay. As for myself iv actually gotten pretty mean at b-ball so be ready to ball it up when I come home in a year lol. Its cool to know that you guys still go out and play basketball together, awesome memories ay. You falas miss my hard rough playing? lol beautiful family. Con bro new truck G? lol mean bro, thats crack up, pretty big step up from bikes and skateboards ay bro lol. Good on you bro. Family just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work that you do while I am out here on my mission, the shave ice and everything that you fit in your lives to make my service possible. Lia thank you ay, i love you girl, you are so special to me, I want you to know that Lia. Whoever tries to marry you im gonna waste them first lol. Mum hows your schools and work coming girl? hard core ay!! your the bomb mum, Your hard works have never gone unnoticed in our family ay mum. You and dad have definitely through your examples been a light of direction and we have been so blessed because of it. shot family!!
As for me, this week has been awesome. I learned so much this week ay. Its been stressful hard in the work, and with the new calling its really kept me on my toes always thinking of things I need to get done, things to plan for and people to see, its been a learning experience for me. Iv definitely learned so much in this transfer as well with my companion. We've really had to work our butts off here to find success. I was able to go on exchanges this past week also with one of the zone leaders the one who I got really close with last transfer. Man hes a awesome missionary and has been out a long time and in leadership positions so he really was able to shed some direction for me in this new calling. You ask how the spanish is coming? alright ay, still useless ay lol. The work here is a little different. The population is very diverse, blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, everything. So the way we find specifically hispanics has had to be tactful. They are not really located in one area but spread out all over the place so weve really had to work with the members to find a lot of work. Its starting to get cold here lol and was snowing yesterday. Well be out tracking for like half an hour and my whole body just freezes up haha but my gears are doing me good. We have really been blessed this transfer, and really striving to become preach my gospel missionaries. We've found two awesome families that we are currently teaching and preparing for baptism. My comp and I are really getting along and are really trying to strengthen our area and more specifically our small spanish branch. I love the members, very small in number but share the gospel like crazy to their friends. Almost all of them are converts, so they are all young and inexperienced in the gospel, yet they are humble and really passionate about missionary work so weve really taken advantage of their efforts and its been awesome. We do a lot to strengthen the members as well coz even they seem like investigators, young and still developing in the gospel. At church we give talks, teach classes and just do a lot to fill in as needed in the branch and thats been a huge help in forcing me to learn and speak the language. But family as for me, this has been my mission, just working to fulfill my calling and doing everything to receive blessings here in my mission. I love it, am enjoying every bit of it and learning and growing as I go. I love you falas ay, heaps man, your my motivation to share with these people, whats blessed my life, my family and the true happiness that they can also achieve. It starts in the home ay, and that's exactly what our family has had, a true foundation built upon the saviors gospel. Thanks for all you do, im alive and well and going hard as the mother!! Ill here from you next week ok, doittzz!!!!
elder kanahele

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