Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hey mum!! happpy birthday girl! I want you to know mum that I love you so much and miss you so much. Everything about you ay, your such a special women mum. You truly have been a mentor and exemple of light to me my whole life. You have prepared me from the beginning to be out here serving the lord and its changed my life. I know that families are forever in the gospel and my life has been blessed through our family and your example as parents. If this life has been so awesome, I cant wait to live with my family in a state of never ending hapiness forever. Mum theres no one like you girl who loves their kids, and puts everything into making them happy, Iv recieved nothing less than this from you mum and im forever grateful. Hope you had a good birthday though mum cuz you deserve it man. You work your butt of and still try to be a awesome mum and member of the church while being patient with it all at the same time. Only you ay mum, your superwomen to the max. I know heavenly father is so pleased with you and your efforts to fulfill your purposes on earth and your whole family is blessed from you and your example of someone who endures. I could go on all day mum about how awesome and lucky I am to have such a beautiful mother both physically and spiritually. Never forget how much you are loved and appreciated by your kids, your huband, your family. I love you mum, thought Id just give you my love and appreciation. Have a good strong week and ill hear from you next week ok :) xxxoxoxoxoxoxo love you mum!!
love your son, elder kanahele kaka

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