Monday, October 29, 2012

walking on water
Kia Ora - kia ora family!!
You guys sound awesome ay, thanks for your beautiful letters man, its one of the best things to recieve after a long week ay. It lifts my spirit even more every week hearing that my family are all safe and, happy and enjoying life as a family. In alma it talks about when ammon reunites with his brethren and his heart is filled with exceeding joy cuz they were still strong in the gospel and living it with full force. Every time I hear from you falas I get that same feeling of joy and gratitude knowing that my family is living the gospel and are enduring this short time we have here on earth to prepare. Awesome family. Sounds like everyone is busy as the mother in school, mum work so'o, Doctor kaka, dad the energy drink, ash school so'o and lia just running da school oiyoiyoiy shole two mean family!! you guys awesome as ay, I love what I hear.
For me family I had a prosperous week ay. Transfers have been a breath of fresh air for me. My new companion is elder Skyler Ashcraft from shelly Idaho. Hes such a good dude ay and from day one we got along real well. Im still in the same area (Kenosha) speaking spanish so'o everyday. I love it hear. My last comp was a walking GPS and so he knew all the streets like the back of his head but i didn't realize that till he left. Iv been getting lost heaps this week with my new comp and more worse we've been walking. Iv been acting like I Know where im going and walk like 10 miles in the wrong direction haha terrible ay. Just going by the spirit here. I went and bought a map and have just been studying the roads and all the addresses we need to contact, its been crack up. This week We had heaps of lessons, found new investigators and 2 of them came to church!! cheee pono!! It was a crazy week coz the lord has just been putting people in our paths. I thought to myself how the lord really does give us tasks to test how obedient and diligent were going to be. He prepares us for greater opportunities in store, and when were ready, he gives them to us. I feel like thats how its been for me the whole time here in Kenosha, its been really hard, slow and nothing coming out of our labors. But like the scriptures tell us, we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. And I have been blessed like crazy. Iv received an even greater motivation to dig deeper especially with this new calling. I have 4 sisters in my district and the zone leaders, so our district is 2 mills. The sisters call me everyday for the dumest things ay lol crack up. Sometimes im just like "come on now sisters, think about that one" haha but im really enjoying it so far, Iv already been on my toes, and trying to discern the needs for our district. Tomorrow we have district meeting so iv been preparing things for that. Family im loving it here, walking marathons everyday, and we never get fed from the members, so we eat tek for dinner lol. Na I been cooking up feeds hard for all my comps cuz their all lazy and useless. Their sweet with eating chips and bread for dinner. My comp is lazy as the mother, so im like picking up after him hard like hes a baby. Forgets to flush the toilet, leaves his undies on the floor crap like that lol. But thats the behind the scenes ay lol. Family things are algud. The weather is getting a little colder, 40 degrees, not to bad yet. but anyway family before I forget, tell the Guthrie family I said I love them and are grateful for them. They have written me since Iv been out here on my mission and even with the back medicine. Such a awesome family. My backs alguds ay I have good and bad days but theres nothing more i can do besides work out on it, stretch and ice.
I love you family, you falas are everything to me. know that everyday im trying to be better and have no regrets. The mission does change me everyday, and Im grateful for all the humbling opportunities and miracles iv seen and experienced that have built my testimony and my desire to serve the lord. I cant explain it but Im loving every second I have to be here, through the good and the bad. You all have a massive week, here's a quote from the movie 17 miracles, as they journeyed through the worst conditions to establish zion, and the point of death one said: "it'll all be worth it in the end" so awesome and applicable to us ay. Go hard family in all you do, and ill here from you next week, love you!!
Elder kanahele

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