Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter from last week 10-01-12
Sorry family lol heres last weeks letter. Sorry bout that ay, It must have not sent!
Hey family!
So good to hear from you guys ay. Its always a boost for me and motivation to keep going head strong in the work, I love you guys. Thanks for the box ay, I got it the other day and was surprised to see all the gears I got! Thanks for the watch mum! I love you. And for the treats and the shirts. I was happy to cuz we had no food so I had those lollies for dinner haha. Awesome family. Its fall season right now so it looks really beautiful here, all the different colors, a really beautiful sight. I think ill need the boots eventually ay, Ill let you falas know. And ye dont worry about the pants ay, I think it'll just be easier if I buy them here so I can try them on and crap. wut you think? lol. Thank you though family for everything, the song was 3 mean!! taitanium oiyoiyoiy! you guys sound really good, It made me miss use heaps hearing your music. I wanna send my i-pod home, one of you guys think you can put more songs on there? thanks. And mum yes everything you falas send is good, iv eaten everything you've sent so far except those sour shriveled balls thingys haha na but im very grateful ay for everything. Anyways family fa had a good hard week. Had about one lesson lol. We been working as hard and tactful as we can and just was one of those weeks ay. Very humbling when we did have the one lesson though cuz it made me appreciate so much more the opportunities we have to teach the gospel. I treated that lesson so much more meaningfully and preciously and Its that passion that I wanna have in every lesson. I love the Spanish branch, the people are tight like family and I just love it. Ha vent had to many lessons since iv been here so the Spanish is really slow, I really suck it all in when we are with the members coz thats my chance to speak and make mistakes. We had to teach the primary yesterday in church and it was crack up as coz all the words I know are hard as ones that iv mostly learned from reading the scriptures, so the kids were confused hard haha. Although the work has been slow, We are preparing a women for baptism this month. Her name is Cecilia, shes an older Hispanic women, but shes so beautiful ay. Iv become really close with her, she says Aloha to me every time we meet lol but shes the one lesson we had this week. The president of the branch came along with us to the lesson and I was prompted to bring my guitar. He was like whats the guitar for? I told him idk. Then we got to her house. She had just lost her job so she had no electricity, food, and shes just been living like this and she was just having all these challenges in her life, sad as to see ay. We had a powerful lesson with her out of the Book of Mormon and then I sang the song "dream big" and just explained to her the message. She was just crying ay and even president and my comp were getting emotional. This is what I love about being a missionary. Being able to put into perspective for these people our purpose in this life, and how we can be successful.(mosiah 2:20-22) God simply asks us to keep his commandments and he will prosper us. We promised her that she would specifically find a job, as she kept the commandments one being to prepare for her baptism. Seeing the determination and the change of heart from the spirit that these people feel through our message is an awesome feeling I cant describe ay, I just love being a missionary. We work hard everyday all day and get nothing and then we have only one lesson and it makes everything we do worth it. That was pretty much my week family. Was a little rough but thats just part of the mission ay. Just want you to know how much I love you family. Con thanks for your support brother, your the man bro. Bro you look massive, shole!!! I just seen your video just now the one you and wesh made for my b-day lol was mean bro, thanks for your council ay, it helps me a ton man, inspiration hard. Cool bout your new calling in the elders quorum bro, I already know you ll be mean for that. Ash bro I miss you ay uce, sole your the man ash, you know I love you ay bro, im proud of you bro, keep tearing it up in your things bro, build your talents, your singing is sounding three mean uce. Hi lia, i LOVE you to lia and miss you so much. Lia dang girl you getting so big ya, looking good girl, thank you for your love lia, I can always feel that from you, thank you. Hey mum dad, thank you for the box and letters. I feel so spoiled out here in my mission and I want you to know i am grateful as for everything guys do ay. The fact that you guys write me means a lot, cuz dont know any other missionary that gets letters from every family member every week. I love you mum and dad, you guys have a good week ok, tell the mozo family I love them!!
elder kanahele

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