Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey family!!

Hows my family doing? haha good to hear from you guys ay, lol mum and dad ow my backs alright man!! na it has actually bothered me some wut ay lol, not just from that sledge hammer session but we did that sort of crap everyday, and i called the presidents wife, shes all crap. i told her my whole situation and that iv had it for a while its not bubblegums but she thinks it is and she just gave me some crap to do and said well see how it is in three weeks. i dont know ay, im really to busy to even get a message lol or anything like that, so im just gonna hammer it till i cant go no more. but anyways family, i had a good week. things have been all over the place with our investigators and so weve been doing everything on our part to have the lords guidance in this. candys family is alright ay, things just keep getting worse for their situation and i just feel like buying them a house or something lol. but we taught the meanest lesson to their whole family and candys sister and 2 daughters and commited candys sons to baptism. they are excited as!! it was soo cool ay, the spirit was amazing, so now theyve all got baptismal dates for their family and candy and dakota are still on for this week Saturday so i just hope everything goes as planned. fa missionary work is hard ay lol im loving it though family, and its crazy to think how long iv been out. the time flies ay, its so crazy. its been hot as the mother here man, 115 degrees all week, but we got our car back for a bit. we tract for one street and feel like dying, the heat is a thick one too so all the animals here are dying all over the place, out of it az. the missionary work continues to get better and me and my comp have some awesome goals for the next few weeks before we are transferred. we have been praying and working hard to find some investigators and just as we walked to come into the library to write our letters, we ran into a dude who approached us asking if he could take the lessons(mean man!!). we asked him what hes expecting out of these visits and he says, a better relationship with god and jesus christ and how he can find more hapiness in his life. For me this is a miracle ay family, because this doesnt just happen. the lord knows our wants and our needs and through obedience and application we find people like this guy jeremy. He just grabbed onto everything that the gospel had to offer and we have a return appointment with him tonight, so im excited to see how this goes. iv had some awesome experiences with many wonderful people who are just seeking for the truth and just doing everything to get them towards baptism. family the work is coming along. iv learned so much about the gospel, and about myself. there is so much to be done ay and me and my companion have just been working our butts off. iv never been so tired before but its a good satisfying feeling. me and my comp, we really get along and the spirit that we feel together in our lessons has grown and has become very effective. i strive each day to follow everything to the "T" in being a preach my gospel missionary. the prophet and apostles really have layed out the keys for us in becoming the best missionary that we can be in reaching our potential and thats my goal. the language is still cabbage, dont speak it often but its improved heaps. but family, i know that this is the greatest gift that heavenly father could give me, being able to represent him everyday. iv never felt so close to the lord in my life, and that spirit is something i crave in everything that i do. i dont know everything that there is to know, but i know that  when the spirit is there im able to say what matters, and i know the people that we teach feel that. thanks for all your prayers and support family, it has helped me improve myself as a missionary. i love and miss you guys and know that im giving the lord my all in his work. i know that this is the only true church on the earth today. and something our zone leader told us this past week which i think im the only fala in this mission who didnt know lol is that our mission is considered one of the hardest missions in the world becasue it contains the largest variety of religions. its so crazy because on every corner(literally) there is a different church. we tract into ministers and pastors home all the time and they just bible waste us everytime lol. so everyone we talk to just thingk were another church on the "corner".  other than that everythings sweet family. mum thanks again for my box and the treats and your lettter, your awesome mum:) love you all, sorry my lettters all random ay, lol thats how everything is here thats why haha, all over!

love elder kanahele kaka

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