Monday, July 2, 2012

kia ora my family!!

fa everyone sounds good man, thats awesome. im doing good az family, had a massive week ay. so our baptism that was meant to be this saturday got moved to next saturday. man satans really been working on our investigators candy and her sons and eversince they have been trying to do whats right, all these obstacles and the worst things that could happen, has happened. we teach candy and all of her sons now, so its dakota, joseph and tyler but there 15,14,13 but they have a hard as life, have no where to live now so its been difficult to just sit down and have a full lesson. they brought us mcdonalds last night to our apartment and it was like christmas ay, was beautiful, filled my guts up lol. so i love them ay and just really doing all i can to get them to baptism. if this next week clears up then shell be ready on the 14th, so thats us family. iv got the boys all signed up in scouts, and youth conference too lol so im really hyping them up for that, so hopefully that goes good. missionary work has been awesome family and its never a dull moment for me ay, im having fun and my testimony continues to grow everyday. me and my comp are sweet az man, we get along good as, and just boyz now. i always talk about you guys, so he feels like he knows our family already. we got kicked out of our car this past couple weeks so we walked our first couple days then our mission leader in the ward let us use his bikes. our areas massive, so everything is spaced out and far, (hence the cars). and its the middle of the summer so its like 100 degrees plus outside. we been biking it up hard and i just been losing heaps of weight, i feel like when we get to one destination, i have nothing left or energy to teach haha fat bugger ay, but its been a different experience on the bikes and the opportunities to find and teach because were not in cars, so its been an interesting week. Weve had to drop like three of the people we teach coz they were just useless ay, so were just trying to re-develop our pool of investigators again. We just got our moneys re-filled today so were gonna go shopping after this, and get some icecream and cookies haha na but ye mum we been eating ay, the money they give us for the month, lasts for like 2 weeks, and the thing is we buy the cheapest thing in the shops,(useless man) so its out of it, but we make it happen ay. riding on the roads we get all kinds of people yelling things out of their cars and everyone here smokes and drinks so its crazy. i always got my eyes open for someone to throw something at me while im  riding, so im always on my toes ay haha. crack up but family thanks for your letters, its reassuring for me to know my family is doing awesome ay, thanks for all the support with the shave ice and your prayers. i love and miss you guys but im alguds ay, im happy to be here and theres no place id rather be right now then serving these people here. i know that this is the true gospel and and our way back to heavenly father. iv read, pondered and prayed about it and iv received that witness for myself the truthfullnes of this gospel and plan of hapiness. I feel so much more passionate about the things that i teach and share because i know without a doubt the message that we share is true. and it is hard to see people reject it and miss out on all the blessings that our father wants to give us.
thanks family/con for all your love and wisdom for me. i try to apply all that i learn into the work, and exercise them and been setting heaps of goals for myself. i also got the box mum:) thanks ay mum, i appreciate that hard ay, and for the patriarchle blessing. it was exactly what i needed. thanks for the pictures and stuff, now i can show my investigators what my family look like. but yes family i love you falas, i dont need anythign ay, im sweet, the box is sweet, got some squid in there even ay mum? ay? lol yiuh crack up. let me know if my letters are dum ok, coz so much stuff happens that i dont know what to say some times lol but im safe and healthy family. i love you all, have a awesome week, go hard and have fun, ill here from use next week

love elder kanahele kaka

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