Monday, July 30, 2012

Kia ora kaka whanau,
fa you falas are doin it for the maoris ay!! thats crack up man everyone in whakataetae this year, cool man!! thatll be cool if you guys send me that when it’s all done, good on yous man, good luck with that ay, mean maoris mean, haka hard for the haere mais apple pies. Anyhow though family it’s so good to hear from you guys ay. Im happy everyone’s had a good summer and man the shave ice, you falas must be rich? haha yiuh thats beautiful. Con ay hope your trip went good, it looked like heaps of fun bro, your pics are two mean sole, so sexy lol did you find one wahine or wut? lol one of the members printed out the article of you guys in Utah and it has all you guys on there. man i was feeling the ihi bro, the article just talks about how awesome the center is and how its flourished over so many years with success and that’s because it’s one of the lords tools in building his kingdom, beautiful. Thanks everyone for your letters ay, i love you guys so much, i have the meanest family in the world man, and everyday i preach the gospel, i just can’t believe how mean of a family i really do have, fa were all going to heaven haha. Thanks for your words of wisdom and advice to me, man it’s always a motivation and a drive to go harder the next week.
Anyways family i have been awesome az ay. I had the meanest week of my life!! haha dang i had like ten birthday parties lol it was crazy ay. All the people in our building put a party on, some of our investigators had one for me( dee hardrath), the ward members just spoiled me ay. It was so cool family, the coolest thing was the party our building put on though. Man it just brought everyone together, cultures from all over the world but we had a awesome night and me and my comp were able to share a little about what we do as missionaries, and why we’re here, then we sang them a few songs. They loved it man, they thought we were so cool lol. but man iv just grown to love everyone in our building ay, like my own family. We’ve been able to share the gospel and from that party, a black man named Richard was just astonished from the whole night and the spirit he felt that he hasn’t felt in a long time. We were able to go to his apartment last night and teach him a lesson and it was amazing. It made me realize how much people really need the gospel and for him he’s had the hardest life iv ever heard of, and its so sad what some people experience in their lives that really makes them lose faith. I hope that we can help bring him to baptism and to our savior Jesus Christ. We plan to give a Book of Mormon to everyone in our building and its perfect cuz we know all of them and are good friends with a lot of them. Family the missionary work is going good ay. Its been hard this summer because everyone has been in and out for vacation and wot not so sort of difficult to have consistent lessons with people. But family transfers are this Wednesday and so i get a new companion, pretty excited for that. My comp has been out of it this past couple weeks, lazy az so iv been holding back from smashing It’s been hard in that area coz he moves slow az and unorganized which has screwed us up a lot. Besides this we have had an amazing experience together which has helped me to grow so much spiritually. Family i am doing really good ay, and i do love my mission, I am happy, healthy and sweet az. I didn’t get the box yet, the mail system has been jacked up lately so it should come in sometime soon hopefully. Thanks for that family, im excited to hear you guys, i love you my family, you guys are my all.
love elder kanahele

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