Monday, July 16, 2012

Kia Ora family,

Hi everyone, so happy to hear from you guys ay. i had such a awesome week, and one that ill never forget. I have really felt the spirit and guidance of the lord this week and family i cant explain how happy i am to be here on a mission serving the lord. I feel so grateful and blessed to be here and im loving it. this past saturday Dakota and his mum Candy were baptized! it was very stressful preparing for the baptism and hoping that everything would go right and that the spirit would be there and that they could feel it. the baptism went perfect though and the spirit filled the chapel. I had the opportunity to baptize Dakota and it was the greatest feeling i have ever felt. Im so happy for their family and my heart is just filled with the spirit right now thinking about the path that they have just begun towards eternal life, and i can just feel the lords love for them and that he is pleased with there decision. On sunday i was able to confer him a member of the church and give him the holy ghost. It was beautiful ay family, i love missionary work and it is so worth it. I honestly didnt know how things were gonna work out this past week coz my companion was gone on a exchange so i was left with all the stress but the lord did lift me and help me in preparing them for their special day. Iv never prayed so hard for the lord and i know that he is real and iv felt him so much stronger as i have strived to be obedient. its become something that i crave everyday and when its there, its an amazing feeling. Dakota recieved the priesthood this past sunday aswell and our next goal is for him to baptize his two younger brothers joey and tyler who are 14 and 13 years old. so family i thank you for all your prayers and your support for me, it does mean a lot. I was listening to my i-pod this week and it has us brothers and dad singing on there. i couldnt help but think of my family and just singing and being with you guys. im so grateful for my family ay, i love you guys so much. anyways though. you remember that guy i said that we ran into here in the library last week? well it was a miracle and weve had a few lessons with him this past week and he is changing himself day by day to prepare for baptism on august 11th. but the experiences that we have had in our lessons with him have been great and the spirit is just always present. I can see these people as they begin to apply the things we teach in to their lives, receiving immediete blessings and when they see the big picture its just awesome ay because you know your fulfilling your purpose and theres nothing better than that. everything for me is going good though, i have grown to love this ward and the members, like their my family. i have had the opportunity to sing and share music which has been very special. The members here have been everything to our missionary work and it has helped the work progress and move foward. our apartment building people have even got attatched to us missionaries and they love us. the whole building is having a party for us before the transfer ends this month for me and my companion and the lord has just really blessed us. i love my companion and we have had some good experiences. so family know that i am very well, still have a lot to do, and time continues to fly and i just want to accomplish as much for the lord as i can. thank you for your letters, your love for me. i miss you falas ay. love you mum and dad, family, you guys are my best friends, keep going hard in all that you guys do, tearing  it up tho..chee-hoo..shot on the keke doitz! and mum ye the back is alright, i havent yet recieved that medicine and stuff from sister Guthrie for my back but its not like im dying but that is so sweet of her mum, please give my love to the Guthrie family.  The presidents wife just told me to follow the health book so iv been doing that and the work outs in there, and i dont know ay, theres nothing else really that i can do with that so ill let you know how that goes. love you guys family, later!!
love elder kanahele kaka

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