Monday, June 25, 2012

kia ora family!!

fa somethings wrong with my myldsmail account lol i tried sending some pictures to you guys last week and i had a picture in there with my shirt off and so i guess my account all messed up because of the filter system the church has on here lol so i have to send you my email from my gmail account untill i get things going. i didnt recieve your letters because of that so just resend it to this account dad. anyways though family im doing awesome as man. had a really good fulfilling week yesterday we had six of our investigators at church!!!!! woohoo haha na it was so awesome man, church went smoothly and our investigators are really beginning to progress and move foward. we have a baptism next week for candy and her son dakota and were really just trying to get ready for that and get aunty a baptismal suite thingy lol coz shes like 300 pounds plus and so its hard to get her size, but im excited as family. the plan for us right now is really their whole family. They have two single mother parents in this home but heaps of kids and we have come so far with them, its amazing. we plan to baptize dakota, confirm him a member then ordain him the aaronic priesthood so that he can baptize his other brothers, and hes excited for that man. Weve got the kids signed up for youth conference so we have just been going hard trying to get fellowship for them. other than that family iv had so many wonderful opportunities this week, sharing the gospel and its been beautiful watching the lives of our investigators and their testimony of christ grow. we had a little bbq with our other investigator dee at her house and it really opened our opportunity to share the gospel with them. shes the investigator who hated god and such but her and her husband are really progressing and saturday was very successful with them and just sharing the spirit of christ with them and their friends. they loved us after. me and my comp sang some songs to them and so they were heaps of fun. family iv had so much happen this week i dont even know what to say. iv learned so much tho, and me and my comp really have grown to be good friends man and its so awesome when we teach. we work together very well, and i feel we are one in purpose which has really helped us progress in the work. iv learned heaps being with him and both of us as new missionaries, we continue to learn and grow everyday and im just loving it family. i hope all you falas are doing good in work and summer fun!! hope you were spoiled this week mum especially after your massive accomplishments. i talk about you guys to all my investigators and show them pictures, so they ask me all the time how you guys have been with the shave ice and all that stuff so their all updated about that even lol but ye family im doing very good ay. had some humbling experiences tracting this week, got some rude as mother rejections, but i was very calm lol and swept the dust of my feet. had some good laughs to lol. these people have no clues ay, but the work will move foward ay. i love you guys family, continue to move foward, have a awesome summer, thanks for all your guys support for me, shave ice, love, and everything. thanks family. you guys learn any new songs yet? send em to me bro, show me whut you got goin on with out me lol beautiful. anyways falas hear from you next week!!
love elder kamahele

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