Monday, June 4, 2012

hey family,

fa its good to hear from you guys ay. everyone sounds beautiful man. things are all well with me ay. had a very out of it week, a bit stressful ay. i feel so blessed to be a member of this church, and to know gods purpose for me. its been a hard week ay family, mostly for our investigators and the struggles that everyone of them are going through, its crazy. i feel like all our investigators have it rough and so our week has just been a week of service. cooking dinner for our investigators kids cuz the parents just work 24/7 and crap like that. our other investigator who was meant to get baptized next week has been in the hospital for her daughter who's 2 years old but had deep surgery this week for her un-curable cancer. man its been a difficult thing trying to build their faith in christ because of all there trials man, but i know that the lord really does give his children experiences to humble them and bring them to ground zero and weve been able to use this time to really serve them. iv come so close with these people though that its even hard for myself to see them go through these things and as missionaries we can only do so much. i really can testify that the greatest joy is found in serving others and thats all iv felt this week. this past sunday was fast sunday and it just felt so good to be at church ay, and to just renew my covenants and reflect on how I can improve in this calling. I was able to bear my testimony in sacrement and it was awesome, give the members a better feel of who i am and my willingness to serve them. it was really good ay, coz i got talking to heaps of them afterwards and just build friendships with them. so family things are going really good ay. we had a lesson with a spanish investigator  this week and it went terrible, neither me or my companion could understand what was going on and even teach. i just felt so inadequate after ay, mad at the world lol coz I know this gospel and i have a strong testimony of it but I couldnt even say it. These are such humbling experiences for me man, and I know the language will come if i just do my part and thats what im doing ay, just digging it up, giving it my all. i been setting some goals ay for the language con lol ow not even working man, haha na jokes, its getting better though so all goods. just need to apply the principles i teach. Im loving every second of the mission though ay, and I really do feel my savior more in my life as i am obedient and i know hes there cuz i feel his guidence as i am putting forth my all. theres so much i have to say but i know that this gospel is our only way back to god, and that god has given us that str8 gate to enter which is by faith, repentance, baptism and enduring to the end. so simple ay. iv been able to live these principles so much as a missionary and it has become a fiber of my testimony. i love you guys ay, got your box, thanks family for everything ay, fa i think im getting fat man, eating terrible as.but its algud ay lol thanks for the recipes mum, ill probli use that in my next transfer coz my comp, elder leortscher is a good cook man and he makes us mean feeds all the time. we have icecream and cookies after every meal, he said ever since iv been his companion weve been eating like pigs haha so ye thats me ay family. hope you guys can have another good week. mum good luck in your schooling, i know you can do it mum, your amazing, up the gutz mum, thanks for all of your words of wisdom, its lovely to hear from my gonna baptize these falas ay hoohoo pritty soon guys lol but yea, ill here from you guys next week family, everyone doitz it this week ay. ash go hard at the beach for me bro lol. i love you guys with all my heart ay!!

Elder kaka

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