Monday, June 25, 2012

Elder Kaka did write us last week (06-18-12) but for some reason we did not receive it.  I have posted his letter below.  He resent it to us this morning.

kia ora family!!!

fa it feels like christmas to have p-day right now hahah, good as to hear from you guys ay. you guys sound awesome man, everyones doing beautiful. i was thinking about you a lot yesterday dad being fathers day so i just want to wish you a happy belated fathers day. youve been the best dad. your everything that i wanna be dad, and i know the lord is so proud of your efforts as a father. i feel like i have the best family in the world man, str8 up, heavenly father has definately blessed us beyond measure. thanks for everything dad, i love you bro, your my best friend dad. when you get all old and crusty, ill still be ther to whipe your bumb bro haha ye dad, have a good week ay bro.
and hiii mum :) yiuuuh mum congrats mum, smart as women man! im so happy for you mum, youve come so far, and your finally there ay, you really are a testimony of persistence mum and you really are superwomen. i feel bad that you had to do mine and dads homework coz we had given up on school before it even ended haha but ye mum i love you so much mum, have a good celebration and know how proud i am of you:)
anyways hey family had a mean week, miracles hard and just so blessed of the lord. sunday was christmas again, we had 3 of our investigators come to church, its the best feeling ay, but 2 of them are getting baptized in two weeks and there just as excited as we are lol. the mums name is candy and her son dakota, but theyve both come a long way, i cant even believe it. theyve turned their lives completely around, and so i know that the atonement is real. dakota went to the scout camp this weekend and loved it, he got two merrit badges and it was cool cuz since im a  eagle scout i was able to connect so well with him. hes signed up for scouts now and is excited to start attending mutuals on tuesday. family candy and her son dakota are walking miracles in my eyes ay, and so its just the greatest feeling ever.
our other investigator dee hardrath who hated us at first and didnt even believe in god, prayed yesterday for her first time in 20 years and that was a miracle, the spirit was soo strong. she prayed in front of us even, to know if this was the path that she should take in life, if the book of mormon was true and if so, then that she could know some how. i know with out a doubt that she will recieve an answer because shes done everything that the lord has commanded us to and so he is bound to answer her prayer. we pray every day for her and for every investigator but it is a joy to see them progress, to see them come unto christ, it really is the greatest joy.
anyway family things are getting better ay, and im loving it, loving the members, my companion, and my investigators. i pray for improvement everyday and work as best i can to accomplish that, so i know im on the right track. i went on a exchange this week to lake michigan so it was so awesome man, it opened my eyes and ways that i can be a better missionary. i was the driver so that was pretty cool to lol it was a good experience for me.
anyway family i love you guys, ash i love you bro, train hard for your sports boy, your gonna get out what you put into it ay bro, so work to be better than all those other helms bro, lia i love you, your a good girl lia, and your gonna be a awesome wife, keep doing what you know is right ok:) con bro, kia ora bro lol i love you con, your a awesome brother bro, keep being a missionary bro, forever a calling bro, thanks for your insights bro, i right your stuff down every week and make sure to do it, so thanks bro, have a good week family, thanks for all your support, and prayers, they help me hard.
i got some pics for you falas, ay, my investigators who came to church, the back yard of our apartment, the investigator that prayed( tree photo) , jpseph smith shots lol etc.
alright than family hear from you nest week
love elder kanahele

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