Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kia Ora Family,

shot ay family, love you guys man, thanks for your beautiful letters. con, thanks ay bro, that stuff means a lot to me man, especially coz thats everything exactly wot im going through and i know youve been there. im trying my best ay family, everyday I just wanna do better and things have definately improved so much more. the area book is looking good, everything we do now is all from there, and weve got three new investigators from it who weve started to teach. goal setting is going good tho ay bro, thanks for all your tips con fa coz i need them ay, and so does my comp. as of now i can kind of assume that the missionaries dont have a good name in the ward, so its been a little hard trying to get the members help because were already labeled as stink falas so iv been really trying to build a good relationship with the members cuz they are awesome and it helps so much when they are there to help us. This pass sunday none of our investigators showed up for church and its all the ones who weve committed to baptism and they all are doing so well but its just hard to get them to church ay. they got excuses for us every sunday when we go to there homes and stuff. but ye we just do our best ay. theres so much i wanna accomplish here in waukesha cuz apparently this area is a harder area but i just feel like everyone we meet and teach are so prepared so i wanna do all i can. i love it family. yesterday was memorial day so my p-day was switched to tuesday ( memorial day is prime day for proselyting) im sure yous caught onto that( why you guys doodoo!!) so we went to a spanish branch party heaps of nonmembers there and members so it was the first time really being immersed in the reo so i was dropping hard haha! but had a good az day man, was able to do heaps of service for the spanyards hah vatos ay lol crack up but ye thats me family. doing awesome man, got heaps to learn but the improvement is there. you guys sound awesome man, shave ice masters awoiya! thats mean man. mum your the bomb girl tearing it up ay mum, yiuh! love you mum. but ye family i love you guys man, and every week i am reminded of how awesome my family is, thanks for your love and support, hear from use next week. ash, lia i love you guys, (ash ow the purple board is still good ow, its not the board, its the rider boi) lol shot bro, anyways i sent you guys a few pics i took about 20 minutes ago and a video lol so hopefully it works out. condog estoy agradecido para ser un misionero de nuestro salvador jesucristo, es mue deficil conway lol pero yo se que dios es nuestro padre celestial, y que cristo y su espiritu hace posible que podemos compartir su evangelio pero solomente por nuestro fe en el. se que mi proposito al un misionero. a invitar a las personas a venir a cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el evangelio resaurado por fe en cristo y su expiacion, el arrepentimiento, el bautismal, la recepcion del don del espiritu santo ye el perseverar hasta el fin. mue bonita lol kia ora whanau pero ye thats me bro, my testimony, still got some work to do with the spanish, but they understand me most of the time lol. later family!! Love you fallas, you are my motivation..Chur!

Elder Kanahele kaka

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