Monday, May 7, 2012

kia ora family,
Thanks for your letters, they were awesome man. I’m excited to call you guys tomorrow. Our president gave us no time to suss our gears out up until we leave. no time to wash clothes or even pack the helmet, so we just woke up early today to wash our clothes. i cant wait to get out there ay. it just hit me this week that im gonna be speaking in spanish hahah(24/7) which i know I’m not fully prepared for at all. i can give a lesson, bare testimony and pray so i hope I’m covered for some time lol but there’s no fear in me family and i know it’s just another opportunity for me to put all my trust in the lord that i may be directed by the spirit. i know heavenly father has a plan for me because he’s willing to put his trust in a 19 year old to be in charge of someonelses salvation, and in a whole other language. It just goes to show how critical for us as young men to be able to work through the spirit. i know i won’t be able to do it on my own, but i know the way that i feel about the gospel and my testimony of the saviors atonement which is my drive and motivation. I love you con and thank you for your words bro, you know me bro, i like it str8 up ay bro, but i will take your council bro. i love you con, you’ve been a awesome brother and example to me in preparing me for this day(even tho you did try to help me with the espanol). your a real brother bro. ash and lia i love and miss you guys, so excited to hear your voices. you guys have already grown since iv left. Sounds like you guys watched an awesome movie, I’ll probably try and catch it out in wisconcsin lol. but i miss you little buggers ay. you guys have taught me a lot kiddies and i just want you to know i love you guys with all my heart ay, thanks for your letters, they really do boost my spirit in the week, I’m proud of you guys. mum hi:) got a lot of schools ay? lol sorry bout that mum, that sounds like a impossible task. mum i know you can do it tho girl cuz you were doing your schooling, dads and mine all at the same time, managing all our schedules and yours, and being a mum at the same time. This is your forte mum. your an incredible women so i know your gonna be sweet. Keep doing your part mum, plugging away but balance your life just as the apostles counseled us at conference and everything will be ok. i know you got this mum, a principle you have really taught me, which is persistence. So my faith is in you mum. Dad thanks for all your letters bro, i love you dad, your my best friend bro. thanks for all your council, your love and faith in me. it helps me to dig deeper everyday, and really give this calling my all. family so ill hear your voices tomorrow. Thanks for your beautiful letters. my experience here in the mtc was life changing and has opened my eyes so much, and i just can’t wait to put these tools into action. I’m not perfect family but i know I’ve done my very best here to be obedient, to be focused and i continue to refine myself day by day and work as hard as i can, and so i know the lord has got something planned for me. family i don’t have much time here but hope you guys have another awesome week, keep going hard to the death, up the gutz family. Talk to you guys soon. love you family.
Elder kaka 

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