Monday, May 21, 2012

kia ora family!!!

im doing good ay, had a awesome week!! str8 up! lol me and my comp are doing good man. had some more crazy experiences, you falas sick of me already ay? lol alguds. but ye me and my comp have so much in common ay so we get along good as man, hes a good as fala, stressed out hard with me cuz im always asking questions and really had no clue wot hes doing ay. his last companion didnt really train him so he really just followed him around  so everything is new to the both of us which has been kind of hard on my part cuz i just wanna go hard everyday but were just unorganized like the heck. ticks me off ay but i cant blame the fala. we set some mean goals this week so that we can get to where we need to. we have called it "the finishers" project! i did what you told me to do con and sussed out the map for my area in waukesha and its actually massive!! like half of the whole area hasnt even been touched, its crazy! so last p-day we were just planning out all our investigators and wot not but day by day things are getting better ay. anyways family i enjoyed your letters ay, you guys all sound mean!! rich as off the shave ice which is pretty crack up, i actually love hearing about it ay! so thats awesome family. everyone getting sick ow? lol come on ow! but you guys all busy and wot not, thats beautiful. mum almost there ay girl? hoohoo smart az man! good on you mum, proud of you mum, only you can do that ay. Anyway so i had a awesome week, met this black family called the sessems and their awesome. two girls and a mum but it was funny coz they let us in their home and i was chatting with the mum and some how we started talking about music and it was crack up cuz she loves like boyz two men, bebe and cece, brain mcknight, babyface, etc. and we had the guitar in the car and i went and got it and just sang to them all the songs that she loved, it was cool as ay, they loved us man but we taught them twice in this week and two of them were able to come to church yesterday. but we been busy as this week with all kinds of investigators, we sing to all of them ay. i taught my companion refiners fire and so weve sung that a few times, its good az ay, hes alright at singing, but the investigators love it. im loving it ay family, things definately aint roses out here alright lol but i feel  the spirit hard and its the craziest thing. its the greatest feeling being able to serve everyday, bring joy into the lives of so many. everyday seems like a miracle to me. the people we run into and the kind of questions they ask, and i know the lord really does prepare those who are ready to recieve this gospel and iv witnessed that. me and my comp ran out of food the other day so we went out to a mexican restaurant called "casa del rio" but it was mean ay!! had a chimichanga that tasted exactly like cholos!! haha i was cracking up thinking, man fa we eating like kings man! but family as for me im doing good ay, still trying to get a system going here but we progress more everyday and weve commited heaps of our investigators to baptism and they all say yes, but for some reason never show up to church haha so we got some work to do ay! but as for me family thats how im doing ay, really good, going hard everyday, and trying to be most effective in everyway. my language is kind of irritating coz we run into heaps of english speakers so i dont get much practice but when i do run to them i have no clue wot ther saying haha so ye. i can teach lessons so thats the main thing. still working on the language ay. but ye family i love you guys, enjoyed your letters and appreciate your support for me at this time. im happy az ay family, excited for wuts ahead of me and  ready to take it all on! eazy! lol i love you guys, good luck in all your stufffs, love you dad, mum, con, ash and lia. you guys are my life ay!! eat it up family!! talk to you guys next week, and ill take some pics!!

love elder kanahele Kaka

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