Monday, May 14, 2012

family kia ora koutou!

twas awesome to hear from yoou guys yesterday. I dont have much time on here cuz Iv just signed up today to get a card for these computers but i get like in two days so i only got about 20 minutes left now. i love you family hope you guys are doing good. thanks for the letters ay. con bro ye imma do that starting tomorrow bro. i wanna be as effective as possible so i really appreciate that ay bro. shot tho bro, i miss you to ay con, im happy for all the things you doing, working hard and still using your spanish! good on you bro. i love you con. anyway tho, hope you had a good mothers day mum, you definately deserve it. sorry for talking so much ay family, i just have had so many awesome experiences already that i wanted to tell you. i cant explain how grateful i am to be doing the lords work and blessing others and their eternal lives, it is a big deal ay.  Dad, before I forget my address is:

5651 Broad st. STE 1
Greendale, WI
United States

Yesterday was awesome tho, We ate at the macdonalds house, but they were such beautiful people for having us ay, they made us the meanest steak in the world and massive potatoes, its was off the chain. but they fly to Hawaii all the time and are going some time soon so i told them that you could get them tickets to pcc lol but ye anyway im alguds ay family just taking it each day at a time but once i suss out how things go, imma just dig right in and baptize the world!! haha yiuh str8 up ay! but ye i cant think of anything that i need in the box so ye, thanks for that mum and dad, i appreciate all you do for me. i dont have much more to say coz i told you it all yesterday. i got your pictures from the shave ice, soo cool man! shot family, but il here from you guys next week ay, ash and lia i love you falas man, keep it up hard! love you all ay, even more now that im away!
love elder george kanahele kaka doitz

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