Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey family,

Hows everyone doing ay? awesome as letters man, beautiful stuff ay. con thats crack up bout pcc bro, crazy az man, im happy for you ay my bro with all that youve been able to do bro, working hard az and still sharing the gospel, youve been the greatest example for me bro and for ash and lia. Anyway family iv been really good this week ay, its been awesome starting a new transfer and running the area. its crack up coz i make sure we have plans every second of the day, and so were all over the place ay, my comps probli tired of it lol. But ye we get along real well. Hes a awesome fala ay, chill az, just very knowledgable and has a huge desire to be a good missionary. weve been working really hard this week with our investigators and a lot of them waste time ay. Its hard to drop a lot of these people but it has to be done. We arent just planting seeds but also gathering the crops and finding those whom the lord has already prepared to recieve the gospel. Things with Dee have been hard ay, she feels the spirit so much and wants to progress but is held back from life experiences that just dont allow her to give her whole heart to god and to some of the things we teach. i know that if its meant to happen then it will coz i feel at this moment that iv truly given it everything that i have and so i know that the lord will carry us the rest of the way with whatever will happen. Jeremy is doing good ay, hes doing everything he can and also us to to preprare him for baptism, hes been the hugest example to me of faith and is spiritual az. most of the time i feel like hes teaching me. The work is slow but good. Weve been working to find more people to teach and so thats been a challenge. We prayed for a miracle and recieved a referrel from a member who has been wanting the missionaries to teach her good friend but hasnt found the trust in the missionaries. She said this to us as she gave us her friends information and for her to do that was a miracle for me to have her trust. That same day we met a guy and his wife who are looking for a church to attend and so we taught them the first lesson. They seem very prepared and so i hope our next visits will help prepare them to progress towards baptism. This is our miracles for the week and proof to me that the lord really does know our needs and hears our prayers. He answers them when we act and work as if everything depends on us, cuz it does.

Anyways family the mission is all good and were just working our butts off as best we can ay. had some mean as brutal rejections lately and its tested my anger hard lol but im still here ay lol The spanish is alright, i havent taught a spanish lesson in months so its hard to keep it up. I do what i can in my studies and with my comp so we do what we can with what we got and just hope for the best. anyway tho family i love you guys, thank you for all your letters, they are so awesome for me and the closeness and love i feel from you even being on the other side of the world. know that i work each day to lose myself in the work, and to be better. I do keep in touch with the kaka brothers in their missions and so weve been able to share our own testimonies and experiences with the work. Its so awesome to all be out together all fighting the same battle and being able to strengthen each other, awesome man. Anyway, I love you family, have a massive week!!

Love you, Elder Kaka

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