Tuesday, September 4, 2012

kia ora kia ora family!

man you falas sound awesome! busy and getting back into the swing of things ay, i remember that, homework, work and school, dang, awesome family. Im glad im not in school ay lol. You guys missing con ay? Hes a crack up dude man. Im so proud of you my family and everytime I read your letters, its a booster to my whole spirit and desire and drive to move foward in the work. This pass week was just intense as a mother. In every aspect, spiritually, physically, and everything that comes with being a missionary. Baby Amara died its been a sad az week ay. On the bright side, we were able to comfort and share the gospel, the plan of salvation with so many people. I had some awesome opportunities to build my testimony in christ and as a servant called by god. Iv come to a better understanding how special our calling is and how much the lord supports our efforts. Sky (Amaras mum), called me up two days before the funeral and asked if I could sing at her babys funeral. Anyways though the funeral was at some sort of chapel place. Pasture Jerome presided over the meeting and it was such a different environment, spirit and setting. Elder Loertscher and his companion came from milwaukee to support aswell so it was cool ay. But the pasture gave his spill and it was just sad because everyone there was mourning and weeping not knowing though where there baby was, the plan god has for us, and that they one day could see her again. I was a little nervous ay to sing but I got up and just bore down with hard as testimony of the plan of salvation, I told them where Amara was, and I promised them they would see her again through christ and his plan for us. I sang "well done" and it went really good ay. Everyone was just crying and came up to me afterwards kind of like the same reaction people give after the show at pcc, filled with the spirit but dont know how to recognize where those feelings come from. Pasture Jerome even came up to me in tears thanking me for my testimony. It was so cool though, us the missionaries got heaps of comments and opportunities to help people see this plan of hapiness. Heres the crazy thing. Alyssas baptism was the very next day, saturday morning. She is Candy's niece and they are all family to Sky, so everyone was at the funeral and during all of this, we were preparing for this baptism. Things were as hectic as can be, assignments dropping for the baptism the night before so we were scrambling. The baptism was inspired because a lot of Alyssas family who at one point hated us for teaching Alyssa but all attended her baptism out of curiosity and support for them at the funeral. It was an awesome experience ay family. They all loved the baptism and have so much respect for our church. We since have been spending a lot of time interacting and teaching them and helping them understand the gospel of jesus christ. This week was so stressful but now that I look back, it was miracle in my eyes. Im so grateful to be a missionary right now, and meeting these people who i know the lord prepared for us to see and teach. This is the highlight of the week though ay family. Things havent been that easy with my companion and we've had a lot of clashing. I wanted to smash the fala in his face this week and I actually told him I would lol sad fala ay. Hes just lazy and really white sometimes but Iv done my best to serve him and i just lose it some times ay. I pray for the patience and love everyday. Its all good though family, we work through it ay. I love you guys family and know I am happy here. The mission has flown by like crazy, and its been mean. Ash bro, getting good at the hair cutting ay? mean ma bro. Ye i cut my comps hairs and even some investigators sometimes so its cool bro. Keep the hard work up bro, im proud of you. Lia your so awesome girl, i loved your singing, you are so good ay, beautiful lia, you have a wonderful testimony girl. con bro! mi hermano, mi espanol es malo lol no hablo espanol mucho en este parte de la mision pero cuando tenga la oportunidad para abrir mi boca, yo hago, entonces i suck lol estoy tratando. Thanks for your words of wisdom family, love you guys, have a strong week ay!
Elder Kanahele

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