Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend & Lilia's Cheer-Fest

hey family! mean letters man beautiful!!

Family im doing mean ay. This pass week went really good, had a good experience with my companion. We had some crazy spiritual experiences and we have two more people preparing for baptism. We really have been trying to make things work ay, and the other night just had a mean as testimony session lol but it really brought us together and realize how lucky we are to be missionaries. I learned a lot from this fala ay and I feel we've worked and learned a lot together in this transfer. yesterday we get a text that im getting transfered! So that will happen this wednesday, so crazy ay. Im getting moved to kenosha, a hard out spanish area. Im excited hard to start a new transfer, new place and people to see, teach and baptize hoohoo mean man! A highlight of this week is we went to go see Alyssas mum( the one who hates our church) not expecting anything but then had a mean as lesson with her. The spirit was strong as and she opened up like crazy. Shes had a huge change of heart because of the miracle changes that shes seen with her daughter. She felt a spirit both at the funeral and at the baptism and she told us that it must be something special if shes feeling the way she does and so she said "if you have something to teach me. i want to hear it." She currently attends two churches and has been head strong in them her whole life. It was a mean experience with the spirit teaching her. The spirit just causes you to say bold but true things in the right moment and iv experienced that. Cool as ay. We went and supported her daughter shaiya at their church. So me and my comp actually went to their church, which was culture shock hard and we definately were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time lol. nuff said on that. Our investigators are made that im leaving ay and especially Candys family cuz weve had a lot to do with that family, and its hard for them to understand why we leave like we do. So their taking it hard. The greatest thing that iv experiences so far is watching these people progress, and find true joy in the gospel. Its been such a rewarding experience for me and and truly understand better my purpose. It sounds like everyones doing real good ay, awesome family. Con bro thanks for writing me even on your trip bro, your the man ay and that means a lot to me. How did that go by the way bro? any future potential there? good on you bro. Happy birthday con bro g, your my best friend ay bro!! str8 up since we were little boys bro. I remember us talking at night about serving missions one day like the day would never come lol but look where life has taken us haha beautiful ay bro. Im so grateful for your example to me in my life ay, and your patience with my anger lol. Whoever you end up marrying bro, she better be good enough for you bro or imma have to come home and slap her around ay lol. shot bro. Ash far your taller than Con bro!! getting big boi ay. mean ay bro, you falas have some crack up hair cuts!! Mum dad and Lia, hello lol i love you my family ay, awesome as pics, everyone looks handsome and beautiful, handzome! Ill let you guys know how the new area is ay, should be a good change for me with some spanyards and vatos locos lol! untill next week falas. i love you all and very thankful for your support and love for me at this time, shave ice and all.

Elder kanahele

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