Monday, April 2, 2012

hahahah kia ora family!! letters are mean!! str8 up beautiful!!
Just to begin, sorry bout the Saturday conference. i was supposed to sing but i got cut from the choir last Wednesday coz i missed practice cuz i got caught up cutting all these other elders hair at my dorm, oh well lol sorry family. i was so bumbed tho cuz i went to every other practice and missed gym time heaps for it and didn’t even get to perform. i talked to the main director and told him to let me back in cuz id carve him up! lol but he said that i would have to try out again just like everyone else, so i went to the try out and there was to many people and not enough spots left, i was angry as. They let david achediddle in and he had just come the day before the last try out, little bugger. I seen him the day he came in, he’s like as tall as the door knob to our room haha but a nice fala, ill get a picture with him before i leave lol that was my way of getting you guys to watch all the sessions!! hahah family why you guys never tell me had Saturday sessions? 3 of them to be exact haha fa didn’t even know about that till the other day! they were awesome as tho, they were just what i needed for this next week, wrote down like 15 pages of notes lol amazing ay! but family im just so grateful for you guys ay, especially mum and dad. The conference was talking heaps about families and parenting and how to teach your kids and i honestly couldn’t think of one thing that you guys don’t do. parents i love you guys ay and even more grateful now for preparing me to be a full time missionary of the lord, it’s been such a great experience and im loving it already. ill just share with you something from the conference, M Russel ballard said that "if we devote our all to our families, we will improve in every other aspect of life, i know that the more we let the lord govern our lives, minds and spirit, god will direct us in exactness. I’m so grateful for my beautiful family ay. i know families are eternal and its such an awesome thing to work and look forward to. i know our time is now to prepare to meet god and family, we are so lucky to know our purpose here on earth. Like you said dad, god has given us that template to follow and also said that when we understand that plan we are better able to apply to our lives then help others understand his plan for them. this life is about serving others ay family and soon ill have that opportunity everyday to be a witness of Christ, he said "we need to look for the promised blessings" and i know they are all there but we just need to do our part and god will open the window of opportunity more abundantly upon us. i love you guys so much ay family, for your sacrifices you make for me to be here. i love you ash lia and conway, you guys are awesome examples for me ay. con im so proud of you bro, back from the mission and still serving the lord ay. thats so cool about mason bro, the lord works in mysterious ways ay. sounds like your mission hasn’t ended yet bro, keep going hard in your calling bro cuz i know you have a gift with sharing your spirit and passion for  the gospel with others, and they can feel that. One thing i learned here is that when we win the hearts of our investigators and they know we really do love and care for them, they will know what we testify of is true and they can’t deny that when they feel the spirit testify through them. iv really learned how important it is to have the spirit here on the mission. this past week my companion has been so hard to work with and it’s been a huge test for me to not wasting him. he’s been homesick and becasue of it doesnt wanna cooperate, short patience and the spirit hasn’t been able to be with us and i could feel it. i been trying my hardest to be patient and being so obedient to make things work. we taught our investigator that same day and when we went in the room my comp just went off his rocket and didn’t t teach anything  right, he was telling the fala what he was doing was wrong and that he needs to do this and this and was committing him to do this and stop doing this, it was terrible ay. i couldn’t get a word in at all and he wouldn’t let me. Family i can’t explain how angry i was after that. i went into the bathroom and had a mean cry because i never felt the loss of the spirit like that since iv been here. That night i just forgot about everything and didn’t mention anything of it to my comp. i had a talk with him and just told him how much i was grateful for him and how much he’s helped me to become a better person and missionary. i told him how much iv learned from him and how the spirit has been so strong with us because we live it. He was blown away at the fact that i didn’t just get on him hard about that lesson with our investigator but just started balling and i just gave him a mean hug. Saturday and Sunday conference was the meanest thing and brought us right. Today is a good day and i know this week is gonna be a good one too. As long as we are doing our best the lord will do the rest. Family there’s so much i have to say but computers freeze after every sentence, its so frustrating. i cant email pictures either coz they have a rule here now, no emailing pictures or videos and what not but i printed some so ill send them in the mail today.
MUM, i love and miss you mum. Thanks for your letters, i know your schooling will be all good mum. you’re the most persistent and hard working person i know. Keep plugging away mum and i know the lord will get you through just as he has always. I’m so grateful for you mum. i was getting medicine out the other day and found your little note you put in there, it made my day man. but i love you so much mum, you my girl. have another good week k :) dad you the man bro! stop crying ow lol harden up ow haha na jokes i love you dad, im so grateful that you’ve been such an awesome dad, friend and mentor. i love you dad. For always being worthy of your priesthood and for using it when its needed. i know the mozos feel of that when they come over,  and they do come over because they feel that, and that’s something that they live without in their own home. Where so lucky to have that family cuz its direct power and guidance from god in our life in every aspect. im glad they have a home to come to when they are in need of that blessing and comfort and that our family are worthy to provide that. Awesome man.
The mission is going just perfect for me family. just plugging along every day. The Spanish is coming sweet and i learn more every day. im gonna carve you up when i get home bro lol thats gonna be mean bro! but im working hard family and can’t wait to get out into the field to share this message. Today im gonna go do a session at the temple wif toph, kj, manulea, kent and evan cuz toph leaves today. Pretty cool to have all the boys here man, all here to serve the lord. i forgot to mention that it snowed out hard az the other week. i wasn’t able to get any pictures coz i didn’t have a camera, but it was mean as, i took my shirt off and was going hard outside the dorm lol i was thinking of the shave ice to during that. ash and lia love you falas man. ash you da man bro, thats crack up about the hair cutting. good bro, save our family some money. Just get con to but you a edger cuz it str8 up makes the haircut count. believe me bro. i cut hair pretty much every day, i cut my whole districts hair last night lol but the edger helps bro. love you ash, keep going hard in your sports bro, never give up, and i know you’ll be the man cuz you got it in you bro, just gotta have the faith and let it come out as you work your butt off, hard bro!!
Lia hiii :) love you lia, hope you doing good. sounds like you get em wit da shave ice ah? shuah!! lol im happy for you lia, keep being a good girl k:) dont let anyone make you anykine!!lol but its crack up cuz everyone here does my slangs, like the whole mtc haha!! no joke and since i cut everyone’s hair the slangs spread like crazy, its crack up. my time is up tho family. loved your guys letters and your guys dear elders. There awesome as stuff to come to at the end of the day, thank you. Have a god weekend family and keep plugging away, go hard to the death family and know that im doing the same. You guys are my motivation every day, i love you guys with all my heart and hear from you guys next week ay! chur chur whanau, kia ora kia ora, shot on the harakeke, mean!! ms4lyph!!

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  1. Cool georgy boy! I already like change my life and be a new person after reading that! Lol, beautiful my cousin. Ill email you soon I promise xo

    Love, meagan