Tuesday, April 24, 2012

kia ora family,
sorry my new p-days are on Tuesdays lol why you guys doodoo!! lol but ye family so until i leave this place you guys will receive them on Tuesdays. Just some quick info, i leave on may 8th, and don’t know what time yet. i actually receive my travel plans this week so once i get them i can let you guys know flight details so you guys are ready when i call home. Mean ay family, the time is come near fast as the mother and im keen as the mother. Time is flying and it’s been such a great introduction for the mission. It’s been  awesome ay family, i have worked my butt off, spent every second i had studying, reading and just pondering ay. Being the district leader really opened my eyes and just gave a even better reason to be better and i have been so grateful for that. this past sunday i got released as district leader in sacrament and guess wot!.....got  called to be zone leaders, me and my companion. Dang it’s been a transition and i feel like there’s even more now on my shoulders. There’s seriously never a second to waste ay. i got so much on my plate and I’m only in the bloody mtc man. Time that i had at nights to read my scriptures and write in my journal are all gone cuz i have to go around the building every night to check on the whole zone. its awesome tho ay family, it’s given me a reason to really organize my time wisely(something i really need ay lol) so that i make every second count. Family something that has really helped me as leader is the scriptures. Being here iv really come to know better the scriptures and have prayed so much about them. every day when i wake up i read d&c 121: 39-46, if you read it, it talks about leadership skills and how to lead people, to lead by persuasion, long suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned. it goes on to talk about being bold and sharp when needed and directed by the holy spirit which means to me that no one can be bold and sharp and be lead by the holy ghost if they are angry and mad.  But that if we garnish our thoughts unceasingly and persevere, the holy ghost will be a scepter of truth in us forever and ever. Beautiful ay family. These are just some of the attributes that i have really been striving to work for and apply as a missionary. i have had so many wonderful spiritual experiences here and its really made me just wanna go into the field even more. as for me the language is alright ay. i can express myself when i teach and all that good stuff, my struggle is just like street talk and casual convos which are different as to gospel convos lol ye well i guess ill get a taste of that more out in the "real world" lol mum and dad thanks for your guys dear elders ay, they have been awesome for me, such beautiful parents, i am forever grateful for you guys and all your sacrifices for us kids to be happy. Everyday i strive to be more obedient and this principle has definitely been magnified for me. I’ve come to understand more how the spirit works and this is a huge aspect of keeping it. con, thanks for your words of wisdom ay bro, they really help me. bro iv been doing my best bro, continue to write things on how i can be better. i study hard, pray hard, work hard to be more obedient and have been doing everything i can. i know you’ve been through this already bro so let me in on it. anyway tho bro sounds like you been going hard in the work. that’s mean bro, get lost in it. i know iv had some great missionary experiences at pcc which have been an experience i share pretty often here in the mtc and tools iv learned there that iv really applied here in the mission and im just so grateful for that ay. continue to go hard bro, im happy as for you, sounds like your back to loving everything ay bo lol awesome bro, live it up while you can bro. ash sole your a crack up, crack up as fala bro. double air rollo you reckin bro? stop it ow lol na that’s mean bro, using my gears now ay? lol mean bro, go hard with them bro, iv put some work into them so make them proud. lol mean ash, how’s lifting coming bro? still goin hard? mean bro never go backwards bro, always getting better ay, love you bro. in all that you do bro whether its surfing, body boarding, sports or wutever, be the best at it bro. if you do this bro than you’ll apply it to everything you do in life. str8 up no lies bro lol. shot ash thanks for you letter bro. hi mum:) how you doin? i love you mum, sounds like you having a lot of work ay? algud mum, this is you girl, dig it up hard mum,an oppportunity for you to stretch yourself and be even better in life ay. i know the harder we work, the more precious things in life are, while that’s what iv found anyways. but mum in proud of you mum, keep up your works mum, keep looking forward to the greater rewards afterwards. beautiful mum thanks for all you do mum, i appreciate you so much ay mum, you my girl i love you mum. don’t worry bout me ay, im sweet, my head and back are all better now. so no stress ay. my pants have ripped 2 of them lol but i took them to get fixed today lol and my shoes are hammered already lol haha useless ay. but i got heaps more gears so alguds. hey dad how you doin bro? i liked your mariah carey stuff. beautiful thanks dad your the man ay. i love you bro, thanks for your letters bro, such a awesome dad man. feel like you falas are here with me man lol beautiful ay dad, it’s like you’ve been on 3 missions after this ay (yours, cons and mines) lol shot bro. thanks for your support family, love you all falas have a good week. con i love you bro miss you hard bro, dig it up hard in life bro, you ma uce, you too ash you ma uce, be hard bro, smash everyone bro lol shot. lia i love you lia, miss you hard. thanks for all the shave ice stories, they are beautiful man. Wish I was there helping you, thank you for your support. I love you lia have a good week ok. family c you later love you chur chur
Elder kuks in undies/kanaheler

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